Hide and Shriek!
Banshriek's official catchphrase.

Official artwork.
Full Name Banshriek
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Banshee
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies TBA...
Vulnerable To Earth
Voice Actor(s)
Currently unknown
First Appearance Skylanders: Ancient Elements
Banshriek is an Undead element Skylander introduced in Skylanders: Ancient Elements.



Banshees have always gotten a bad rap in Skylands, with stories of them stealing sheep and causing chaos. Banshriek was determined to put an end to these stories and show that the banshees are not all that bad. However, this proved to be quite a difficult task, considering that most people she tried to talk to ran away screaming at the top of their lungs. Banshriek was about the give up, when she discovered a nearby village being expensively taxed by Greebles. Banshriek haunted the Greebles and chased them away, and returned the money to the people of the village. Since then, not only have the people of Skylands thought more positively of banshees, but Banshriek was also offered a position among the Skylanders.