Banjo Tooie (TV Show)
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Producer(s) Zack Mclarmo
Genre(s) Action, Humor, Kids/Family, Animated,
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Music Video: Banjo Kazooie
Ending Theme Banjo's Funny Jokes and Credits
Country of Origin Massachusetts
Original Language English
Season(s) 1, 2, 3,
Runtime TBA
The article for the show. The show is a continuing adventure, meaning the beginning of episodes 2 through 98 tell a recap what happened in the last episode. Every character and a few enemies appear in the show.

The characters:





Humba Wumba

Gruntilda Winkybunion

That's not all!


When announced in 2005, the show was hitting up a lot of ratings before even it was released in 2006.

It took so long because the camera crew had problems and no one could get on track to keep going to beable to animate complete 3d in a week through 6 episodes that were 20 minutes long.


1. Chapter 1: Banjo-Tooie! The adventure starts with a narrater and ends with Mayan temple a quarter over.
2. Chapter 2:Mighty Mayan Mites The duo attempt to enter the kick-ball tournament, but they can't. So they find 2 jiggies and find wumba to turn transform them. They have to find a glowbo by a snake! The episode ends with them being spotted.
3. Chapter 3:Mine the business

Banjo and Kazooie get all jiggies But when they Go to

the mine & 3 things go Far to the nether.




Happens NOT!

Beating All Things When His Car Goes Around, Around It goes.