Bane as he appears in Night Blood.
Full Name Bane
Current Age 35
Date of Birth November 6, 1950 (7980 ANB)
Gender Male
Current Status Thug
Red Cobra Clan
Family and Relations
Bruce Connors (Enemy)
Han Lao (Client)
Main Weapon(s) Butterfly Knife
Ability/ies 1. Strength
2. Skilled in Firearms and knives
First Appearance Night Blood
Latest Appearance Night Blood
It's not what I'm doing… it's what I've done.
Bane in Night Blood

Bane (破滅) is a fictional character in the Night Blood fighting game series. He is one of the few original characters, debuting in the first Night Blood video game.

About Bane

The right eye of Bane's face is covered with an eye patch as a result of a disfiguring injury he sustained at the hands of Deputy Bruce Connors prior to the events of the series. Originally a mercenary and leader of the international crime cartel he rises beyond the level of mere discipline by also being sly and cunning.


Bane is known as the most fierce criminal in America. He is noted for selling drugs, weapons, and looting banks without being caught by the police. The Kenshi-Ryu, a clan of samurai, realized the potential in him and sought to use him to steal metallic parts for a secret mission at the tournament. Bane couldn't resist the chance to be paid a wholesome amount of cash.

At the tournament, Bane managed to survive an encounter with Sara.

Fighting Style

Powers and abilities

Bane is extremely adept in combat. What differentiates him from other fighters, however, is his dependence on weapons rather than special powers. He very often uses his Butterfly Knives in combat, whether he throws them at the opponent or uses them. Unlike many other thugs like him, Bane is more disciplined.

Special Moves

  • Knife Barrage - Bane throws two knives at his opponent. (NB1)
  • Knife Uprising - Bane takes out both of his knives and slashes his opponent upward, raising him/her in the air.


Character Development

The disciplined thug idea in the game came naturally as a brainstorming idea for IsmailFeroz. Eventually, his design became more adapted and more clear as well as a name that befits his personality.


  • The eye patch feature is Bane's signature accessory.
  • It is noted that Bane was inspired off of DC Comic's Deathstroke.