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Bandanna Dee's artwork.

Bandanna Dee (also known as Bandana Dee) is an unnamed Waddle Dee wearing a blue bandanna who serves as King Dedede's assistant in some Kirby Games.



In the Pathverse, Bandanna Dee is one of Dedede's major advisers, who was hired alongside Dedede since the beginning of the Devotee Castle completion. In Devotee city, Bandanna Dee serves as the main person managing the Devotee City economics and trade routes. He is usually seen alongside Dedede and is also Dedede's personal bodyguard. During the Second Age on the 22nd anniversary of Devotee Castle's completion, Bandanna Dee is kidnapped by the Blind Man to help him control the economics for the Blind Man's nation. Because of this, Dedede becomes paranoid and does a terrible job at being king and eventually every civilian is near poverty. This lead to the raids on Devotee Castle and the overthrowing of Dedede.


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