Attack Ability HP Unlocked Perk Rage Ability

Spear Toss

3x25 damage.

Has a 75% chance of dealing 75 extra damage.

Spear Supply

All allies gain attack damage equal to Bandana Waddle Dee's current health x2.

Lasts 1 turn.

150 Rocky Rapids Level 5

Propeller Spear

Has a 40% chance of dodging a melee attack.

Moon Drop

Deals 300 damage to target, all other enemies are stunned for 2 turns.


  • Deals decent damage.
  • Has a high chance of dealing extra damage.
  • Has a good Rage ability.
  • Spear Supply is a very useful ability.
  • Has a good chance of dodging.


  • Spear Supply lasts 1 turn.
  • Has low health.

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