Bandana Dee
The Friendly Spear
Universe SSB Kirby SeriesKirby
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBM/SSBB
Recent Game Wii U Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Availability Downloadable Content
Final Smash Spear Storm/Megaton Punch

Bandana Dee makes his first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Bandana Dee appears as the second DLC character and the first new character revealed as DLC. Bandana Dee can be purchased for $5.99 for one version or $7.99 for both versions.


Bandana Dee is a rather short fighter that emphasizes small stature but utilizing the spear for attacks. For this reason, his reach is often underestimated and can easily take advantage of the opponents surprise. However, Bandana Dee's spear lacks the necessary power of other characters weapons such as King Dedede's hammer or Ike's sword. To counteract this obvious flaw, Bandana Dee can easily penetrate opponents defenses with his piercing attacks with some of them even being using as a shield poke. Bandana Dee is best used by keeping opponents out his zone by stabs and pierces with the spear.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Spear Poke 2.3% Bandana Dee pokes forward with his spear. It has good range, especially since Bandana Dee slightly steps forward while doing the poke. It only has minimal hitstun but it is great as a shield poke. It is also very fast allowing it to be spammed.
Forward Tilt Head Bonk 4% Bandana Dee swings the spear from an upward to a downward position; literally bonking the opponent in the head with the spear. It has less range than the other attacks but it has two chances of attacking the opponent. The swing downwards and the bonk.
Up Tilt Spear Slash 6% Bandana Dee takes his spear and slashes it from the right to the left in an arc. It will launch the opponent when the attack first connects and has a high launching ability which makes the attack fairly inaffective has a combo attack.
Down Tilt Foot Poke 3% Bandana Dee pokes downward; hitting the opponent closer to the ground. It has a small hitbox and is not reliable but it can hit lower opponents.
Dash Attack Spear Slam 4% (close), 8% (spear point) Bandana Dee jumps forward slightly, taking the spear and slamming it from an upward arc to a downward arc. The tip of the spear does more damage than the pole portion.
Forward Smash Heaven Spear 13% (uncharged), 18% (charged) Slashes from a downward position to an upward angle; launching the opponent high into the air. It has good reach and high launching ability.
Up Smash Whirling Spear 2% (uncharged), 6% (charged) Bandana Dee takes the spear and spins it above his head; dealing hits as it spins in a several rotations. The longer the attack is charged the more damage it does and more hits that connect.
Down Smash Spear Assault 18% (uncharged), 22% (charged), 10% (uncharged), 15% (charged) Bandana Dee takes the spear and slashes it on both sides with the first hit doing the most damage while the second hit does less damage. Each hit will knock the opponent upwards.
Neutral Aerial Spear Spin 3%, 3%, 6% Spins in a full rotation that does 3 hits as it travels with the last hit dealing the most damage. The first two hits deal hitstun prior to launching the oponent away.
Forward Aerial Waddle Dive 4%, 3% Bandana Dee dashes slightly forward: slashing twice as he moves slightly forward. It has good horizontal traveling distance and can be used to aid in getting back to the stage though it has slight lag at the end of the attack.
Back Aerial Back Spiral 2% x 4 Bandana Dee takes the spear and spins it behind him; dealing hits of damage as well as hit stun. It does a good amount of damage but it has very low killing ability,
Up Aerial Sear Needle 7% (pole), 18% (point) Bandana Dee takes his spear and pokes it forward straight upwards. It has high damage and knockback if the tip of the spear connects with the opponent.
Down Aerial Spear Drop 13% (clean), 10% (late) Bandana Dee drops down to the ground with his spear; It does more damage if the attack hits straight on as opposed to opponents being on the outer edges.
Grab --- --- Bandana Dee grabs the opponent with one hand.
Pummel Headbutt 1.5% Fast pummel; Bandana Dee knocks the opponent with his head.
Forward Throw Spear Launch 8% Bandana Dee takes the butt of the spear; sticks it below the opponent, and then pushes down on the edge part; launching the opponent into the air. It has both high damage and knock back.
Back Throw Reverse Suplex 5% Bandana Dee takes the opponent and does a reverse suplex behind him; slamming the opponent head first into the ground.
Up Throw Sky Spear 4% (throw), 8% (spear) Throws the opponent into the air and then stabs the opponent as they hang in midair. After throwing the opponent, they slightly hover in midair before the stab connects; launching them.
Down Throw Spear Stomp 9% Bandana Dee throws the opponent into the ground and then takes the end of the spear and slams it into the opponent; knocking them upwards.
Floor Attack (front/back) Spear Slasher 4.8% Bandana Dee slashes on both sides with the spear.
Floor Attack (trip) Ground Poke 5.2% Bandana Dee takes the spear and thrusts it forward; low to the ground.
Edge Attack Ground Pike 5% Bandana Dee takes the spear and thrusts it downwards as he gets up; stabbing the ground in the process.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Spear Throw 4% (start up), 3% (mid), 4% (end) Bandana Dee takes the spear and throws it a set distance. It will travel forward for a duration of time before arcing back down. The start up does the most damage while the mid portion does less as it looses momentum, and the last animation does 4% damage again as it falls to the ground and gathers speed.
Custom 1 Charging Spear Throw 5% (uncharged), 10% (charged) Charging the spear causes it to do more damage and flies further. In addition, it also does more knockback.
Custom 2 Arcing Spear Throw 2%, (start up), 2% (mid), 8% (end) Bandana Dee heaves the spear upwards into the sky where it will travel and then arc back down to the ground. The start up animations does less damage compared to the other animations. The ending animation does the most as it gathers speed as it travels back down to the ground.
Side Special Parasol Twirl 1.5-2.5X (projectile) Bandana Dee pulls out the parasol and spins it rapidly. After inputting the command, pressing the special button continuously causes the parasol to spin faster. It will reflect projectiles back at the opponent with more damage added to the projectile based how fast the parasol is twirling.
Custom 1 Gusty Parasol 1.2% Instead of dealing damage, it creates wind which pushes opponents further away. It can also reflect projectiles and adds 1.2x more damage.
Custom 2 Damaging Parasol 2% It can still reflect the projectile but doesn't adds additional damage as well as lowers the speed of the returning projectile. However, it can damage opponents who are nearby for every rotation.
Up Special Fluff Dee 2%, 5% (A) Bandana Dee pulls out of a Dandelion Fluff and begins to float in the air. It has a slightly unpredictable path of movement as Bandana Dee will slightly float into the air and then back down. Bandana Dee will always move forward. Pressing the A button during this will cancel the attack and cause the Fluff to explode; damaging any opponents nearby. Pressing B causes it to shake slightly; releasing pollen that damages foes.
Custom 1 Stunning Fluff 0% It has a much longer range of movement but when it touches an opponent, it causes them to fall asleep very breifly and enter into a free fall state.
Custom 2 Free Fluff 0% It doesn't deal any damage but it gives Bandana Dee nearly limitless control over where he goes to by controlling the Fluff. It has the most traveling distance of any up special.
Down Special Big Waddle Dee 18% (uncharged), 28% (charged Bandana Dee summons the Big Waddle Dee by charging the attack. Charging it at it's highest causes Waddle Dee to grow to it's largest proportions. It will then slam down into the ground; dealing wide damage and very high knockback. It has very bad lag.
Custom 1 Halcandra Dee 12% (uncharged), 22% (charged) While not as large as Big Waddle Dee, Halcandra Dee is very tough and has very high priority; able to break through weaker shields and attacks. In addition, it will stay on the ground for a period of time which allows Bandana Dee to use it as a type of a shield.
Custom 2 Sectra Dee 10% (uncharged), 20% (charged) Does the least amount of damage but it will float down to the ground instead of crashing down; dealing damage to opponents who are caught in it's descent. It has less protective defenses but it moves in a slight zig zag line.

Special Custom Set B

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Bandana Dee Assault 3% (contact), 10% (attack) Bandana Dee rushes forward and, upon making contact, begins attacking with spear attack slashes before launching the opponent with the final hit. It can be used as a recovery option as well.
Custom 1 Bandana Dee Dash 7% Instead of contacting and attacking, Bandana Dee simply dashes forward; knocking the opponent up as he passes through. It has further horizontal traveling distance.
Custom 2 Star Assault 3% (contact), 10% (assault) It does the same amount of damage as the default but it causes Bandana Dee to jump straight into the air and then performing the attacks. It has vertical traveling distance.
Side Special Spear Line 4% (hit), 3% (spin), 8% (throw), 5% (hit another opponent) Bandana Dee throws a spear with a line attached to it. Upon making contacting, Bandana Dee can press special to draw the opponent close to Bandana Dee which lets them go but applies a little lag to the opponent which allows Bandana Dee to enter into a combo attack. However, prior to pressing the special button, the player can use the control stick to spin the opponent around which can also damage nearby opponents as well as the opponent caught in the spear. Bandana Dee can then let the opponent go by pressing the attack button which launches them into the air. It can be used as a tether recovery.
Custom 1 Multihook Spear 2% (hit), 1% (spin), 6% (throw), 3% (hit another opponent) It does significantly less damage but it can hook up to 3 opponents if they are nearby to each other. It is also slower than the default.
Custom 2 Retrieval Spear 8% (hit) It functions a bit like the default but instead of allowing Bandana Dee to spin the opponent around, it will bring the opponent to Bandana Dee but applies even further stun to the opponent allowing for bigger combos and attacks.
Up Special Spear Copter 3% (per hit) Bandana Dee spins the spear in a circular motion and rises up into the air; dealing damage as he rises up before falling back to the ground.
Custom 1 Spear Copter Dash 3% (per hit) It has more horizontal trajectory compared to the default but does the same amount of damage.
Custom 2 Impact Spear Copter 6% (per hit) It has slower rotations but the damage and knockback does by the copter spin is much greater.
Down Special Meteor Spear 6%, 12% Bandana Dee jumps high into the air and then descends back down, slamming in the ground with his spear; dealing high damage when he connects with the ground. It can over make Bandana Dee commit Bandancide if performed over the edge. The attack follows a direct path when inputted.
Custom 1 Cascading Meteor Spear 6%, 10% Does less damage but slightly allows Bandana Dee to influence the trajectory when he jumps upwards as well as when he descends back down to the ground.
Custom 2 Meteor Pogo Spear 3%, 6%, 4%, 2% Bandana Dee jumps high into the air and then comes back down albeit slower than the default. Upon landing, he bounces back up which doesn't deal any damage and then comes back down only to bounce back up and perform once last stab into the ground.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Bandana Dee Army 42% Bandana Dee summons an army of other Bandana Dees who begin throws spars forward. He summons about fifteen in total and they fire off about 38 spears altogether. The spears doesn't do much knock individually but the damage stacks upon each other; dealing more and more damage as wellas hitstun.
Final Smash 2 Megaton Punch 10%, 25% (chop) A cement block falls down from the sky and lands down on the closest person. If it doesn't land on an opponent, it will simply just crash into the ground. Bandana Dee will then jump into the air and slam his fist into the concrete slab; breaking it and dealing widespread damage in a radius which knocks opponent outwards. He then rubs his hand as if it hurts.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Holds up his Spear and shakes is lightly. (Up)
  • Waves and smiles while closing his eyes. (Right)
  • Pokes the spear to the right and then to the left with an angry look on his face.(Left)
  • Adjust his bandana slightly.(Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Bandana Dee thrusts his spear forward with a "I'm ready!" look on his face.
  • Bandana Dee twirls the spear abov ehis head..
  • Bandana Dee slams the spear into the ground.

On Screen Appearance

  • Bandana Dee comes from above while twirling his spear before stopping and dropping to the ground.
  • The Waddle Dee Train appears from the background and Bandana Dee jumps off.
  • Appears with Sailor Waddle Dee and they both high five before Sailor Waddle Dee vanishes.

Victory Animations

  • Bandana Dee stams the spear into the ground and folds his arms while breathing heavily.
  • Bandana Dee twirls the spear from the right to the left before holding it in in an attack position.
  • Bandana Dee does a flurry of stabs forward.
  • Bandana Dee wipes the sweat from his brow and leans on his spear.
  • Bandana Dee and Sailor Waddle Dee give each other a high five and Sailor Waddle Dee cheers Bandana Dee on.
  • Bandana Dee twirls his parasol with one hand.

Fan Cheer

Male Cheer "BAN-DAN-NA!" Female Cheer "DEE!!!!"

Losing Animation

  • Bandana Dee claps his hands while looking forward.
  • Bandana Dee has x for eyes as he wobbles back and forth.
  • Bandana Dee is red with anger as he stomps back and forth and steam shoots out his head.

Victory Fanfare

A [remix]

Fighting Stance

Bandana Dee holds out the spear forward while slightly pointed downwards and bobs up and down slightly.

Idle Poses

  • Bandana Dee slightly shakes his spear.
  • Bandana Dee touches his "chin".
  • Bandana Dee kicks at the ground slightly with one foot.
  • Bandana Dee looks to the right and then to the left..

Misc Animations


Bandana Dee flattens himself while holding his spear aloft.


Bandana Dee jumps up while holding his spear over his head with both hands.


Elma performs a tuck n tumble dive.


Elma walks slowly and is easily the slowest walk in the game. She maintains a rather relaxed, casual posture.


Bandana Dee dashes forward while holding the spear forward and his free arm swinging back and forth.


Bandana Dee sits on the ground while slightly slumped over and sleeping.


Bandana Dee trips and lands on his butt.


Bandana Dee sways back and forth on one foot while trying to regain his balance.

Home-Run Bat

Uses his free arm to swing the bat.

Star KO

Goes "AHHHHHHHHHH!" as he fades away.

Screen KO

Slams into the screen with an X for an eye while holding his spear.


Bandana Dee's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.

Bandana Dee

Unlock: Classic Mode

Bandana Dee (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Console/Green

Bandana Dee (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode Handheld/Red

Golden Bandana Dee

Unlock: Boss Battle Console

'Silver Bandana Dee

Unlock: Boss Battle Handheld

Bandana Dee (Spear Throw)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge Brown

Bandana Dee (Spear Copter)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge White

Bandana Dee (Yellow)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Bandana Dee (Purple)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Bandana Dee (Up) Pink

Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Clayified Bandana Dee

Unlock: Complete a Bandana Dee Character Challenge

Bandana Dee Army

Unlock: All Star Mode

Megaton Punch

Unlock: Unlock all Bandana Dee's trophies

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Default Blue Bandana Dee's default coloration. Starter
Yellow Yellow Coloration is based off of Yellow Bandana Dee from Rainbow Curse. Starter
Green Green Coloration is based off of Green Bandana Dee from Rainbow Curse. Starter
Cyan Cyan --- Starter
Purple Purple Based off of Purple Waddle Dee from Canvas Curse. Starter
Pink Pink --- Starter
Brown Brown Coloration resembles the color scheme from Brawl. Starter
Red Red --- Starter
White White Based off of the old monochrome sprites from the Gameboy Games. Starter
Black Black Based off the dark versions of Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. Starter
Gold Bandana Dee Gold Coloration based off of Gold Waddle Dee. Locked
Tough Bandana Dee Silver Costume based off the coloration for Tough Waddle Dee from Mass Attack. Locked
Clayified Bandana Dee Blue Costumes based off the clay version of Bandana Dee from Kirby and Rainbow Curse. Locked

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