Bananas: The Final Gambit
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Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
1 to 4 players
Age Rating(s)
T for Teens
Genre(s) Adventure/Shooter
Series BowieQuest (spin-off)
Bananas: The Final Gambit is a game developed by Hammy Games Inc. for the Wii U system.  It stars Bananas for the first time ever in Bowie history as he tries to uncover all the secrets of his life.  The game is rated "T" by the ESRB as it features minor swearing and violence.


It started out in Bananas' laboratory when he asked Thomas for a glass of orange juice. While the young bear was serving him his command, the laboratory blew up in flames as the mechanical monster, X, looked over the laboratory and spotted Bananas. Upon sight, it attacked the monkey, who was forced to fight back as well as he can. In the end, he lost and was tossed into the burning Monkey Jungle's heart...
Bananas eventually got out of the twisted jungle and headed back to his laboratory, in which he spotted a piece of paper written by Thomas. He read, "Dear Master Bananas, I must inform you that I am captured and taken by the mechanical monster. It is said that I'll be held at a shrine in space Bananas. Help! Take this map along the way..."
But when Bananas read the map, it was utterly useless as it was blurred and unreadable. Bananas then noticed a dead monkey skeleton on the floor, and then Bananas had the sudden thought to go to the Metropolis, where he can find some info on how his family went to waste. But first, he must climb the toxic hills, which take him to the Metropolis. Hopefully he isn't too late...
By the time Bananas reached the Metropolis, it was burning to hell. As quick as he can, he entered the library and grabbed a book about his family, and escaped before the roof caved in. When Bananas attempted turning back, a huge building fell and blocked his path back. The young monkey was forced to race through the city and enter the Skyscraper. But when he got there, he needed three keys, which were scattered throughout the city...
When Bananas got into the Skyscraper, he met Ripe inside, who was doing maid work. But both of them began racing up the tower when magma burst its way through. As the two climbed, they realized that something is against them, an entire race, but who are they, and where do they come from?...
The monkeys reached the Speedway and managed to read the book about the monkey past. But when the opened the book, the Speedway was suddenly bombarded by jet planes! The two monkeys ran as fast as they could and tried to find a shelter. Ripe then mentioned a cave hidden here...
The two monkeys read the book in the cave at peace. Bananas discovered that the monster, X, was the true one to destroy the monkeys. The monkey was shocked, angered, and bubbling at the fact that Bowie was the wrong one he was chasing the whole time. In a fit of rage, the monkey leaps off of the Speedway into a desert, and Ripe follows. Upon landing, X says that he'll get to the Pyramid and activate something to destroy Bananas and his family...the monkey, Bananas, will get his revenge!
Upon defeating X, Bananas and Ripe enter the Silver Pyramid. Right upon arrival, they found Fudgebuckets, who is Bananas' cousin. After their reunion, X is seen mocking them, but he wasn't being careful as Bananas shoots him, weakening him. The monster flees to the pyramid core, where Bananas and family try to do as well. But they need to solve many puzzles inside the pyramid first. (along the way, they find many secrets about the monkey history)
Inside the core, they engage and battle X, who is still very weakened. He is easily destroyed after he is lowered to the ground, as Bananas shoots him again. Right after X is defeated, the pyramid begins falling apart. The three monkeys are doomed...but not for long, as a piece from the ceiling falls onto the ground and reveals an underground passage. The monkeys lower themselves into it and race throughout the tunnel...
The monkeys were quietly going through the passage and find a shuttle launcher just outside the tunnel. As they ran to it, they are caught by surprise as they are caught by a blast of hot lava, which makes them go up into a volcano. As they try to go back, rocks fall and seal the entrance, forcing them to go up. Metal Bananas is then seen and seems to charge up his energy blaster to destroy Bananas. But he fakes it and hugs his fleshy self. The volcano then begins to sink in magma, prompting the four to escape...
Once all four of them get out of the volcano, they prepare to slide down the slopes. However, they are too late as the blast shoves them into a flooding aquarium not far from the shuttle launcher. The monkeys looked around and decided to get out as fast as they possibly can - before they drown!
The group narrowly escapes before the aquarium floods. However, the shuttle is beginning to launch! The monkeys go up, up, and up, trying to get to the shuttle as soon as possible! They eventually reach it and manage to cuddle up inside the shuttle, and the whole thing finally flies into space.
The shuttle is soon blasted and destroyed by the enemies, with a reformed "X". The monkeys board the shrine and prepare to have the biggest battle of monkey history. X then decided to shut himself up in the core while Bananas tries to solve his mysteries...
Eventually, the four enter the core and prepare to battle X, who has transformed and is filled with chaotic energy. Eventually, a duel formed between X and Bananas begins. After a long battle, X falls and is destroyed. The monkeys cheer and finish off the rest of the army, and then jump down towards home, and prepare to fix all the damages that they caused.
After everything is fixed, they celebrate and drink some orange juice with Bowie and friends. But they forgot Thomas, who was trapped in space. "Help!"
The end.


B-TFG Mode Select

On Foot

Gameplay is similar to Shadow the Hedgehog's.  Your objective is to get from one area of the stage to the other, but you must solve many puzzles to get to this certain area.  While you're solving puzzles, shoot out your enemies in a style similar to Gamma's from Sonic Adventure.  You can switch from third person view to  first person view and vice versa with Y, depends on your preference.  After you make complete a certain amount of stages, you fight a boss, which has to be defeated to move on.


  • Control Pad/Analog Stick - Move
  • A - Jump
  • B - Shoot
  • X - Hold to run
  • Y - Change game view
  • L & R - Camera scroll
  • Start - Pause
  • Select - Change gun


In a vehicle, you are faster and can cause damage by running into enemies and other objects.  Vehicles have a set amount of HP, so don't wear it down too quickly!  Once it's destroyed, you return to being on foot.  Vehicles include tanks, submarines, helicopters, and small cars.


  • Control Pad/Analog Stick - Move
  • A - (hold) Accelerate
  • B - Shoot (if there is anything to shoot)
  • X - Hop out

Other Information

The game has two sub missions for every stage, which do not have to be completed.  The missions are optional, but if completed you get a small medal for your efforts.  The game has a ranking system similar to the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  Ranks go from A to E, best to worst, respectively.

Playable Characters

Character Description Stats Main Ability
Bananas The main playable character of the game.  Shrouded in mystery, we watch as he goes to do missions and objectives that we have never seen him do before...

Speed - 2/3

Power - 3/3

Jump - 2/3

Control - 1/3

Psychic Powers
Ripe The immature cousin of Bananas joins the psychic monkey on his travels.  Ripe always prefers the easy way and does not do difficult tasks.

Speed - 1/3

Power - 2/3

Jump - 3/3

Control - 2/3

High Jumping
Fudgebuckets The wild and crazy brother of Bananas joins him on his travels.  He can bolt through trouble at any speed he likes.  Always falls to cheese traps.

Speed - 3/3

Power - 1/3

Jump - 2/3

Control - 2/3

Mecha Bananas The maddening mechanical copy of Bananas.  He wants to destroy everything under the command of Bananas.  He really likes to torture Fudgebuckets.

Speed - 2/3

Power - 2/3

Jump - 1/3

Control - 3/3



Name Description Primary Mission Side Mission A Side Mission B Boss(es)
Monkey Jungle A jungle that the monkeys thrived in, until only fifty years ago when it was destroyed.  Obstacles include burning objects and falling trees. Escape the burning hell and get to to your labratory! Collect the five monkey tokens! Put out the fires in the jungle! The Lonesome Lion
Toxic Hills Hills polluted with toxic waste.  The waste goes down the hillls and attempts to slash into anything it comes across.  As a result of this waste, mutated creatures thrive in this area. Climb the toxinated hill and reach the Metropolis! Get up the hill in less than three minutes! Destroy the machine that produces toxins! The Toxin Machine
Magma Metropolis The Metropolis is piled up with magma, which is rushing from every angle.  Buildings fall and the only way to cross magma filled streets is to step on the cars and trucks stuck on the roads. Collect the three keys to the Skyscraper! Defeat Paul in combat! Find the five keys to the Skyscraper! Skyscraper Guardian, Paul
Towering Skyscraper A Skyscraper that sinks in lava as we speak.  Very tall, it's enough to reach the Aerial Speedway.  Rogue people attack from all sides and meteors fall out of the sky trying to hit you. Reach the Aerial Speedway! Find the ten missing jewels! Reach the Aerial Speedway under the time limit! None
Aerial Speedway A speedway constantly under bombardment from bombing jet planes and airplanes.  The need for speed is fulfilled here, with speed ramps and boosters everywhere. Find the dark cave hidden in the Speedway! Defeat the enormous enemy jet plane! Destroy the Speedway by setting off all of the bombs! EJP-001
Skeletal Desert A desert that is constantly hit with sandstorms and high winds.  The desert is littered with skeletons and toxic waste.  Is always bathed in sunlight. Engage X at the Silver Pyramid! Rescue the lost monkey! Fight off the Desert Tiger! X, Desert Tiger
Silver Pyramid A pyramid that is mostly underground.  Treasures can be found anywhere - some of them are alive and dangerous.  It's a challenge of skill as it takes lots of time to pass this thing... Challenge X at the core of the pyramid! Collect all of the treasure inside the pyramid! Take down all of the Pyramid Guards! X, Pyramid Guards
Underground Passage A passage that is constantly used to cross between places.  A huge river takes up some of the passage while spiked ceilings and walls take up some area as well.  Sharks make their life here. Make your way to the other side of the passage! Elliminate all robotic teddy bears! Collect the Six Sacred Flags! None
Volcanic Climb A volcano that has constant rising lava.  Rocks can be climbed on, ridden on above lava, used as bridges, etc.  Many lava dwellers here are hostile and attack upon sight. Escape through the volcano top and battle the X-terminator! Find the secret Golden Bowling Ball! Get to the volcano top under the time limit! X-terminator
Lost Aquarium An aquarium under attack by mischeivous sea creatures.  Sparking blue waters can be found everywhere and treasure is common through this world. Find your way through the aquatic maze! Defeat the MechaShark! Repair the aquarium walls! MechaShark
Rocket Chase The chase is on as you speed through the shuttle launcher to get to the rocket!  Avoid all the obstacles and latch on to the shuttle as fast as you can! Get to the rocket! Get to the rocket while collecting the 15 red flags! Get to the rocket while racing Ashe! None
The Shrine in Space The final area is in space!  Many creatures resembling X will attack you and collecting oxygen is key to survival. Solve all of your mysteries, here and now! Collect the eight jewels scattered throughout the shrine! Destroy all five floating enemy ships! Transformed-X

Enemies and Bosses


Name Function Area(s) Rarity
Toxinube Flies around the field, attempting to smash into its enemy. Monkey Jungle, Toxic Hills Common (MJ, TH)
Poisorat Wildy scampers about, tries to bite onto the opponent. Monkey Jungle Common
Mutanonkey Climbs around the vines, and tries to snatch the opponent and shake it violently. Monkey Jungle Semi Common
Toxinake Slithers around, striking when necessary. Toxic Hills Common
R-001 Runs around on its wheel and tries to shoot laser beams at its enemies. Toxic Hills, Magma Metropolis Semi Common (TH)

Common (MM)

Hammerock Swings from around a central point and attempts to blow away its opponents. Toxic Hills Rare
Magmole Hops from the ground and tries to toss fire at their opponents. Magma Metropolis Semi Common
Flaresmak Comes out of lava and tries to burn opponents. Magma Metropolis Common
Flaram A god-like fire creature that tries to churn you in flames. Magma Metropolis, Towering Skyscraper Common (MM)

Semi Common (TS)

Enraged Guest One that tries throwing books and other household items at you. Towering Skyscraper Common
Cookie Crumble An enemy that splits into six and fires itself at you. Towering Skyscraper Semi Common
Bombite Explodes in a large radius, harming all. Towering Skyscraper Rare
Bombacopter A helicopter that attacks by bombing.  Can be destroyed with lock on weapons. Towering Skyscraper, Aerial Speedway Semicommon (TS)

Common (AS)

Speedival Goes at the speed of light and tries to ram into its enemies. Aerial Speedway Common
Fastophin A flying dolphin that fires missiles. Aerial Speedway Semi Common
Bombokey A speedy spider monkey robot that tries to push you into your doom. Aerial Speedway Rare
Scorpio A scorpion that attempts to poison the player with its tail. Skeletal Desert Common
Mummonon A mummy that tries to stangle the opponent in its wrapping. Skeletal Desert, Silver Pyramid Rare (SD)

Common (SP)

Skeleto A skeleton that attacks with smash attacks. Skeletal Desert Semi Common
Luckinas A slot machine that either attacks, defends, or gives you items. Skeletal Desert, Silver Pyramid Semi Common (SD)

Rare (SP)

Mummiwrap A piece of mummy wrap that tries to stangle you. Silver Pyramid Rare
Security Pole An ancient security pillar that tries to zap you with beams. Silver Pyramid Semi Common
Ghost Freezo Tries to fire crystal beams at you and turns invisible when seen. Silver Pyramid Semi Common
Laser Tank Fires powerful corks at the player.  Is stationary. Silver Pyramid, Underground Passage Rare (SP)

Common (UP)

Whirllsub A fast moving sub that fires small whirlpools. Underground Passage Semi Common
Electropus An octopus that grabs its victims and jabs them with electricity. Underground Passage Common
Chaotic Fish A fish that moves very fast and tries to ram into their opponents. Underground Passage Common
Rockire A rock that spits fire at its opponents.  Explodes after several fires. Underground Passage, Volcanic Climb Semi Common (UP)

Common (VC)

Fiery Ghost A ghost that is not very well seen.  It tosses fire at the player. Volcanic Climb Common
Flamody A flaming humanoid creature that tries to crush its opponents with fiery hands. Volcanic Climb Semi Common
Apohell An ape that is very crazy and tries to crush its opponents on the spot. Volcanic Climb Semi Common
Cheesish A cheesy fish that runs around at hyper speeds.  Does very little alone, but does huge harm in groups. Lost Aquarium Common
Chippish A fish made out of chips.  Does nothing but spit water blasts. Lost Aquarium Common
Minoshark A small shark that tries to bite and ram into opponents. Lost Aquarium Semi Common
Shrine Guard A humanoid figure that tries to slash with a huge sword.  When weakened it shrinks in size and uses a smaller sword and has a more defensive strategy. The Shrine in Space Common
X-Guards A huge guard of X.  Blows up upon contact, causing near fatal damage. The Shrine in Space Rare


Name Function Areas
Lonesome Lion Tries to smash into opponents as well as bite them.  Weak with low HP. Monkey Jungle
Toxin Machine Attempts firing harmful toxics at you.  Tries to burn everything around it. Toxic Hills
Skyscraper Guardian Has a humoid structure, swings a large sword at opponents.  Dodges with swift accuracy. Magma Metropolis
Paul Tosses thunder at you and jumps high to avoid attacks.  Rides on clouds as a defensive strategy. Magma Metropolis
EJP-001 Hovers above the field and drops bombs.  Can only be destroyed by turrets. Aerial Speedway
X Can ram at opponents and use many weapons, such as razor blades and cannonballs. Skeletal Desert
Desert Tiger Acts much like the Lonesome Lion, but attacks more savagely and uses the tail for defense. Skeletal Desert
Same as before but much faster and has more power. Silver Pyramid
Pyramid Guard Has a humoid structure and attempts to smash opponents with its rocky fists.  Has many physical attacks. Silver Pyramid
X-terminator A mechanical teddy bear that attacks with laser vision and missiles.  Can use any weapon in the game. Volcanic Climb
MechaShark A savage shark that can destroy anything that it pleases to.  Attacks with rams, biting, and its silverish tail. Lost Aquarium
Same as before, but has all of the attacks of the other bosses and can use any strategy.  Prepare for the worst. The Shrine in Space


Name Function Uses Lock-On?
Banana Popgun Fires a cork that bounces on a wall once.  Does minimal damage. 5 No
Silver Boomerang Can get tossed at enemies.  Once it hits an enemy, it comes back. Infinite No
Lock-On Missile Launcher Fires a missile that does minimal damage to an enemy. 15 Yes
Boxing Glove Once placed on the player, does severe damage to enemies. Infinite No
Gummy Bullet Once tossed, it hits and sticks to an enemy, slowing it down.  Locks on. 5 Yes
Pencil Launcher Pencils are fired at enemies, doing very little damage, but the supply of them is large. 30 Yes
Stopwatch Weapon A bullet is fired, but time freezes, allowing you to position the bullet anywhere you'd like. 5 No
Tailgun A gun is attached to the tail, capable of firing bullets. 10 Yes
Psychic Missiles Missiles are taken from the mind, causing moderate damage. 15 No
Lightbulb A lightbulb is tossed, blowing up and causing high damage. 1 No
Spear Can be swung at enemies, causing moderate damage.  May cause burns to enemies. Infinite No
Chopping Knife Can be used on enemies, causing high damage.  However, aim is difficult. Infinite No
Bearhead Gun The gun fires many false heads of teddy bears, which can be any of the original five bear heroes, at enemies, causing slight damage. 10 Yes
Bombs Can be tossed, causing small explosions that make high damage. 5 No
Ax Can be tossed at an enemy, causing very high damage.  Single use. 1 Yes
Rubber Nail Once thrown, it causes high damage and goes in a straightforward line until it hits a wall, whereas it flies around until it goes into the sky. 1 No
Flash Camera Once used, it freezes the landscape for 5 seconds, allowing all enemies to be attacked and stopping lava and water, allowing them to be walked upon. 3 No
Wrecking Ball A high damaging weapon that can hit enemies with sheer force. 5 Yes
Sniper Rifle A rifle that does very little damage, but can be used very repetitively. 60 Yes
Atomic Bomb Once set, it blows up in a wide range, destroying all enemies.  Extremely rare and only found in the Space Shrine. 1 No


The game received generally mixed to positive reviews from critics.  Review websites Metacritic and GameRankings rated the game 78% and 81%, respectively.  The dark sense of maturity was unwelcome, similar to Shadow the Hedgehog's, but the replay value, gameplay, and controls were praised.  The game is also criticized for its short length and rather unbalanced high difficulty level.


  • This is the first and only BowieQuest game to star Bananas the Monkey.
  • This is the second BowieQuest game to be rated for teens, the first being BowieQuest III: The Dark Vortex.