Banana Beach is the fourth world in Newer Super Mario Bros U. It's a big beach with a lot of big bananas, and some coconout trees. Larry Koopa rules this land. This world has 10 levels: there are 7 regular course, a ghost house, a tower, an airship and two Toad House. This world can be skippable for Tomato Jungle, where Iggy Koopa is..

4-1: Banana Island

A simply water level, featuring some giant Bananas and a lot of Cheep-Cheep. Water Geyeser are present as well.

4-2: Yoshi's Beach

A beach level featuring Yoshi, Piranha Plants and some Water Geyeser.

4-3: Dragoneel Shipwreck

A level ambientated in a shipwreck, where a Dragoneel will follow the plater(s) for all of the course.

4-4: Banana Paradise

A sky level, where the usually mushroom are replaced with big bananas. Lakitu are present in this level, too.

4-F: Fishbone Tower

The fortress of world 4, with a lot of Fishbone. Some of these jump out of the water. The boss is Pom Pom.

4-G: Elevator Ghost House

The Ghost house of world 4, featuring an giant elevator, and especially Boo and Boo Clock.

4-5: Porcu Puffer Coast

A level featuring the SMW's dolphin and the terrible Porcu_Puffer, which follow the player(s) for all of the course.

4-6: Jumping Fish Beach

A level featuring Jumping Cheep-Cheep. A giant waterfall is present, too, as well as a Big Berta.

4-7: Water Geyeser's Cliff

A mountain level, featuring Water-Geyeser and a lot of Hucklet. A Boss Bass is present as well.

4-A: Larry's Submarine of Spike Pillars

An airship level, featuring a new enemy, Badubble, some evil bubbles, with a lot of spike pillars. There will be some Larry-Cannon Balls, wich will be spiky and will shoot some spikes. Larry Koopa, the fourth Koopaling to be fought, is there.


  • This world shares the name with a real location, wich takes place at Zante, a Greek's island, as well as the place where Ugo Foscolo was born.

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