#EX ??? Bamboom
Category Bamboo Pokémon
Original Region Ironeo
National Dex Nr. #EX ???
Ironeo Dex Nr. #Unknown
Generation EX
Pokémon Color Green
First Appearance Pokémon Mighty & Nasty
Latest Appearance Pikachu's Adventures: The Mystery of Gorigin (DLC)
Type(s) Grass/Fire
Ability/ies Sap Sipper, Flash Fire
(Hidden: Strong Body or Sharp Shooter)
Average Height 7'09
Average Weight 105.4 lbs
Evolves From Bambomb (DLC in Mighty & Nasty)
Evolves Into None
 Bamboom is a Grass/Fire type from Pokémon Mighty & Nasty.

It is not known for having any evolutionary lines.



Bamboom is a bamboo-like Pokémon with venus-like arms, brushes that covers anything of his head except of its eyes and spikes, with vines on the bottom serving as feet. Bamboom is colored green, and shiny ones have orange colored body and brushes. It also have a fuse-like cord that refers it that this Pokémon can uses exploding moves such as Explosion and Boom Blast, it's reprensentive signature move.

Gender differences

Females have flowers instand of spikes.

Special abilities

Bamboom can uses most of Grass-Type and Fire-Type moves, and can uses exploding moves such as Self-Destruct and Explosion. It can also absorb either Grass-Type or Fire-Type moves to hit harder. It can also uses Fighting-Type moves does to its great strength. Like all Pokémon, it can also uses Normal-Type attacks. It is also very solid, and Bamboom from Dream World can have Strong Body to reduces strong moves.


Bamboom tend to be peaceful and quiet, but when small disasters are coming, one is enough to fix it. When a bigger one is coming, however, it will calls other Bamboom and, in certain situations, other Pokémon. It can also become aggressive in battle or when threatened too much.


Bamboom, unlike real-life bamboos, are found outside of forest, usually found near lakes and rivers. They are also found on plains and caves.


They are herbivore, and just like all Pokémon, can also eats Berries and other Pokémon foods.



Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense

Pokédex Entries

Mighty Bamboom have explosive temper and should not be threatened. Because of this, Trainers must be cautionous of the Boom Blast attack.
Nasty Bamboom, despite their grassy bodystyle, it can also uses Fire-Type moves. It can also uses Water-Type moves against other Fire-Type Pokémon.

Game Locations

Mighty Nasty Uncommon (60%) Unknown location

Type Effectiveness

Under normal battle conditions in Generation EX, this Pokémon is:
Damaged Normally By Normal 1x Fighting 1x Ghost 1x Psychic 1x Dragon 1x Dark 1x Ice 1x Bug 1x Fire 1x Ground 1x Water 1x
Weak To Flying 2x Poison 2x Rock 2x Gasic 2x
Immune To
Resistant To Grass ¼× Electric ½× Steel ½x Light ½x


  • Bamboom is immune to either of its types because of one of its ability that neutralize Grass-Type moves with Sap Sipper and Fire-Type Moves with Flash Fire, respectively.
  • Because of its type, many fans had joked about Bamboom to be Pyroak's pre-evo does to same types and the Bamboo Pokémon's lower stats. However, there are several differences;
    • Pyroak's highest stat is it's HP, while Bamboom's the Defense Stat.
    • Bamboom have it's signature move, Boom Blast, unlike Pyroak.
    • Bamboom and Pyroak's Egg Group are different.
    • Bamboom is taller, but weight less, than Pyroak.

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