The Bald Toad is a unique toad toad appeared in only 4 games. This is a normal hat without a hat toad. His creator is Sebastien M.  

Bald Toad
Current Age 16 (before his death)
Date of Birth Unkown
Zodiac Sign Unkown
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Toad city
Current Status Deaceased (beheaded by Sebastian M. Koopa
Class Friend
Family and Relations
Possible Toad
Nationality Toad
Height Very light
Baldy Toad
Voice Actor(s)
Sebastien M
First Appearance Super Mario 3D Bros.
Latest Appearance Mario kart: Triple Dash!!!


In Super Mario 3D Bros., He sees to Mario that he lost his hat and asked him to find him.

He was finally beheaded by Sebastian M. Koopa  in order of Bowser.


Super Mario 3D Bros.

It appears in this game, to know his role or the "history" section of this page.

Mario Kart: triple Dash!!!

It is a very light charracter and his partners are Toadbert  and Toadokay.

Mario kart 9

It is a character with a very light weight.

Super smash Bros. Apocalypse

In SSBA, is an alternate custom of Toad.