"Don't you understand? This is all for you!"

Balance Thoth
Balance Thoth
Full Name Balance Thoth
Gender Male-programming
Current Status Decommissioned
Class Robot
First Appearance Megaman Tempo: Solution Temporary

Thoth is a Mk VII Lanky-Chassis Temproid who seems to have some sort of otherworldly knowledge about Tempo and the true purpose of the Gothic Virus. Thoth was one of the archaeologists who worked alongside Fennec when they uncovered Kuwanger. Those archaeologists who weren't killed were all infected, and each slowly succumbed to the virus in their own time. Thoth, having been a mediator between Fennec and Sobek, has come to blame the NeoHunters for his current predicament, yet states that he knows that it ("the game", as he describes it) is all set up just for Tempo. While he states that he's smart enough to know that Tempo can defeat him, he says that he willingly sacrifices himself for "the game"—however, the way of the game means that he is obligated to put up a fight.

Thoth fights on a pair of weighing scales positioned with deadly spikes above and searing acid below each platform. Weighing slightly less than a normal Temproid, the platform his opponent stands on slowly drifts downwards naturally, but he can also suddenly fly up to cause it to drop rapidly, or use a moon-themed attack to throw weights on his own platform to try to launch his foe into the spikes above.

Statistics Edit

Balance Thoth, the soothsayer

  • Affiliation: Archaeologists League (former)
    The Voice (origin of prophesies)
    Gothic Mavericks (by decree of the Voice)
  • Hit Points: 32
  • Level: Unspecified
  • Location: Egypt

Behind the scenesEdit