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Thanks for reading Bagon Bacon: The Game, <insert your name here>! Enjoy!

Bagon Bacon: The Game
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Summer 2015
Age Rating(s)
Series Bagon Bacon
Media Included Wii u Disc

Bagon Bacon is a brand new game by Electric Enterprises, technically a spin-off of the Pokemon series. You play as either Bagon or Beldum, both flying pieces of bacon. The game may be considered a joke, but is taken dead serious.

The main plot of the game is that Tyrunt stole all of Hoenn's meat (and eventually the universe's) so that Kalos could have a Meat Feast like Hoenn. However, Bagon Bacon decided to take a stand and rescue all the meat.




All the Pokemon in Hoenn have gathered for the annual Meat Feast (except for the Grass types, who are vegetarian.) Everyone was having fun, but then Tyrunt stormed in from the Kalos region. They did not have any meat for their feast, and so he stole their large magic turkey. Then Tyrunt Turkey flew around and stole every piece of meat, except for some bacon. A small Bagon grabbed his friend, Beldum, and said that they would retrieve the meat. So they flew off on the magic bacon, and Bagon Bacon and Beldum Bacon's adventure began.


Character Description Role Abilities
BagonbaconBagon Bacon Bagon Bacon is a young Bagon that wanted to save Hoenn's Meat Feast. He rides a magical strip of bacon that allows him to fly and shoot lasers. Main hero Bagon Bacon can fly and shoot lasers from his strip of bacon.
BeldumbaconBeldum Bacon Beldum Bacon is Bagon's friend. He went with Bagon on the quest to save the Meat Feast. Beldum also rides a piece of bacon. Supporting character; can be played as in 2-player mode. Same as Bagon.
TyruntTurkeyTyrunt Turkey Tyrunt Turkey is the main villain in the game. He rides a gigantic turkey that can summon small, meaty monsters to attack Bagon and Beldum. In the final fight, he evolves into Tyrantrum Turkey to become even stronger. Main villain Rides a turkey that shoots plasma lasers and summons meaty beasts.
387Turtwig 2Tutorial Turtwig Tutorial Turtwig follows you on your adventure and appears randomly. He gives you tips on what to do and how to perform moves or actions. Guide Follows you and teaches you abilities.


World 0: Tutorial

Level Description Requirements
A Junior Bacon Pilot In this level, Tutorial Turtwig explains how to fly your bacon. You learn how to fire lasers, fly, and also how to finish a level. Find Turtwig and follow his instructions.
Your First Fight Here, you battle your first monster: a Pichu. Defeat Pichu!
Catch that Tailow! This is your first Chase level. Race Tailow and win!
Electric Enterprises
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Bagon Bacon: The Game 5th Priority

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Animal Crossing: U Play (tentative title)

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