Badland is a 2D Platforming game developed by Scarce Gaming and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System on January 13, 1987. It focused on a man trying to escape an alien planet.


  1. Fallen From Grace - The player crashes on the alien planet, and must quickly get to an underground bunker, below from the uninhabited, deadly surface.
  2. Bunker 000 - The player attempts to fix the engines of Bunker 000, to get through it.
  3. HyperTunnel - The player attempts to get through the HyperTunnel in a pod.
  4. Ascent of Bunker 000 - The player attempts to ascend Bunker 000 by using a bungee cord.
  5.  ??? - The player battles the Alien King, who crashed the player on the planet. There are three phases; a falling phase, where the player must dodge the lasers, a HyperTunnel phase, where the Alien King is chasing the player in the HyperPod, and a physical phase, where the player must dodge the Alien King. Eventually, the Alien King loses power and explodes, and the player flies away.

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