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Artwork (Reused from bad piggies)

Bad Piggy is a character in CSB. He has good attack but HORRIBLE defense.

Special Attacks

  • TNT (Like Hyper Bomb from the mega man series.)
  • Crate Below (Drops a crate below, trying to crush the player, that lasts 10 seconds. Acts like a pushable platform.)
  • Mechanical Mechanic (Calls a mechanic, who throws his wrench at various players.)
  • FINAL SMASH 1: Stampig (A stampede of pigs come RUSHING at the players.)
  • FINAL SMASH 2: Mechinic Helper (Calls a mechinic, but he tries to crush the players with big crates to trap them and then throws 2 wrenches at once instead of one.)


  • This is the only character to have 2 final smashes that are randomly picked.
  • He is the mini-boss that comes just before the real boss, King Pig.

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