Bacon Warriors is an upcoming crossover umbrella game made by 5 geniuses and 1 idiot: Rocky (tbc), Dark (tbc), Locky (tbc) (the idiot), Crimson (tbc), Doh (tbc), and Sketch (tbc)

Story: Big Antihero 6

When Lord Shyamalan begins assembling an army to Shyamlize the world, a team of six individuals must band together to stop him. In the meantime, Bill Cipher exists. 

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The game plays like a standard umbrella game mimmicking the Super Smash Brothers series. As opposed to the traditional method of using health bars, this fighting game has damage meters. The more hits you take, the higher your damage meter goes. The higher your damage meter, the farther you fly off the stage. The goal is to knock opposing players until their stock runs out, or to get as much points by knocking out as many characters before the timer is up.


  • Brawl: Can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. This is the main mode and can be played wither with stocks or with a timer. 
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA




Image Name Franchise Description
Bagonbacon Bagon Bacon Pokemon This is a Bagon that rides on a magical strip of bacon. The bacon is very magical, since it does most of Bagon's attacking for him. It can shoot laser beams, fly really fast, and even blow stuff up randomly. Bagon can also use the move Dragon Breath to shoot a beam of dragonny aura at opponents. His "final smash" is to summon a whole lot of bacon to surround other players and knock them out.
Knuckles 3 Knuckles the Echidna Sonic The Hedgehog Here he comes, rougher than most of the others, said to be the best of them, tougher than leather. You can call him Knuckles, because unlike Sonic he don't chuckle (he'd rather flex his muscles). He can break through stone hard walls with fists as they're hard as nails, and it ain't hard to tell when they have slow but incredible launching abilities. He's been independent since his first breath, so expect no mercy from this guy at all. First test, feel the right, then the worst's left - Knuckles can harness the power of the Master Emerald in battle as his "final smash" (tentative title) and unleash the almighty Thunder Arrow attack for a short amount of time.
KuzuryuuuuuCF2 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu Dangan Ronpa A yakuza boss and one of the 16 students who were sent to Dangan Island. Fuyuhiko wields a gun he can use in battle as well as summon Yakuza minions or throwing cuss words at other players. 
Th145Marisa Marisa Kirisame Touhou Project An ordinary magician who tends to be really straightforward and informal to everyone. Marisa likes collecting all kind of stuff and mostly steals them. Marisa uses magic, and likes to Master Spark everyone on their face.
Freddy Faz-Unten Freddy Faz-Unten FNAF/Fantendo Spare parts from Freddy Fazbear animatronics were used to create this nightmarish hell demon. He uses abilities from both Unten and Freddy, attacking with electric powers and jumpscares. 
250px-Poison21 Poison Final Fight One of the members of the Mad Gear gang that hides a secret within her body. She is a very fast fighter that can easily combo opponents and she can summon her fellow Mad Gear gang member Hugo to grab people and them throw them away.
Takamaru SSB4 Takamaru Murasame no Something Something A samurai guy and protagonist of a classic Nintendo game. He wields a sword and can throw ninja stars to attack. 
Darkpit artnewb Dark Pit Kid Icarus Dark Pit is pretty much a clone of Pit created by Pandora though he ended up betraying her, Dark Pit uses many weapons and abilities from KI:U in his attacks.
Yang Xiao Long Yang Xiao Long RWBY The older sister of Ruby Rose, Yang has machine gun gauntlents as her main weapons, and becomes stronger the more damage she takes. 
WebmasterS2 Webmaster TOME A skilled programmer who uses the powers of Heavenly Light for his attacks, Webmaster is Netking Number 5, and is the leader of the Netkings.
Rubirules Rubirules TOME Rubirules is Netking Number 2, and the snark of the group. He can transform into other players and use their moves, but can't do much on his own aside from weak melee attacks and generating a crystal shield around himself, which he also uses to transform.
Lucina Lucina Fire Emblem The future daughter of Chrom, as well as a justice serving princess.  Lucina is a swordfighter in the game, attacking with her Parallel Falchion.  Her attacks are somewhat powerful and quick, but leaves little room for defense, being able to be tattered up easily by foes.  She has a moveset inspired by her Smash counterpart, but has more range although lacks a bit of power.
DDR Mario DDR Mario Dance Dance Revolution This version of Mario fights....nothing like Mario actually. Instead he fights using dance moves based on the Mario games, such as the Koopa Stomp, the Shell Slide, and other dance moves that I totally didn't just make up! 
KEY Kirby Yarn Kirby Kirby The Kirby from the critically acclaimed game, Kirby's Epic Yarn. 
Batman Super Friends Batman (Super Friends) Super Friends Batman from the kid-friendly super-friends cartoon. To attack he can summon goofy Scooby-Doo esque sidekicks, and also uses cheesy dialogue and bat weapons. 
PikachuThugLyfe YOLO Gangsta Pikachu Pokemon Yo yo yo, I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me. I spit thunder. Literally. Cuz I'm a lightning type. Yo I'm sippin up healing potions with my gang in da crib. Buy my mixtape.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Foot Soldier Foot Soldier Plants vs. Zombies Not be confused with the similarly named enemies from the TMNT series, the Foot Soldier is a zombie that had a contract with EA and now he carries a gun and he is on a generic TF2 clone. Horray. The Foot Soldier is a slow fighter, but his weapons aren't, he has a machine gun, a sniper rifle and the best of all, a bazooka.
TKL Locky Locky Lorean Fantendo Manager of a fight club that's totally hip and in with the kids right now, yo. Locky is a pimp, and attacks by being  a pimp. There is never a moment where Locky is not a pimp. Locky is love, Locky is life.
PaperMarioHammer Paper Mario Mario The completely flat (and totally better) version of Mario. He can use his hammer and a few items to attack. He can also summon all of his partners and a Crystal Star/Star Spirit/Pure Heart/Royal Sticker to blow some crap up.
Steve-1 Steve Minecraft A builder guy who lives in a world made of blocks. He can build barriers around himself and use redstone contraptions to fight, as well as heal himself with food and wields an iron sword and a bow. 
Ficklepoof3D Ficklepoof The Gentlemanly Hedgehog Ficklepoof The Gentlemanly Hedgehog A gentlemanly hedgehog, Ficklepoof only uses the fanciest of attacks, such as card magic tricks, elegantly slapping people with a hankerchief, and spilling piping hot tea onto their clothes. 
Mika Sho-F.U.A Mika Sho Fantendo The adventurous mutant with fire powers returns for yet another battle. She can shoot flames from her hands, create geisers of fire to inflict damage upon enemies, or blast herself upwards with fire for a recovery move.
Robin2 Robin Fire Emblem This guy fights with magic spells that you can customize. He also wields an electric sword. You can even change his gender! (Legasp)
Super Saying Mario Super Sayin Mario Super Say Cuz you know you gotta Super Say!
KirigiriKyouko Kyouko Kirigiri Dangan Ronpa A student at Hope's Peak Academy who helped crack the mystery of the School Life of Mutual Killing, Kyouko uses her sick detective skills to fight.
Owari Akane Owari Dangan Ronpa An athletic highschooler who eats too much. She uses standard melee attacks and can hit quite hard.
ChromeTan Chromium Google Chrome The personification of Google Chrome, Chromium is a quick fighter who can fire energy blasts that resemble the Google Chrome logo, and she also has anti-gravity boots which can be used to fight.



Image Name Franchise Description Unlock Method
Professor fiendish
Professor Fiendish Murderous Maths You didn't quite expect this guy, eh?  Well, he attacks with equations.  Yes, equations.  He'll toss pointed numbers, turn players into numbers momentarily, and attack with long lines of PEMDAS.  Finally, he can also clone himself two times and savagely attack any close by players as his best attack.  To make up for his surprisingly agile and powerful skills, he goofs quite a bit in gameplay and can't be relied on too much. Perform 66 KOs total with any character.
Lord Shyamalan
Lord Shyamalan Nostalgia Critic Be prepared to be shyamalyzed. Lord Shyamalan is a very weird character, since he doesn't obeys the laws of logic and frequently breaks them. He has no attacks, but he can shapeshift into other people and Shyamalize them, making them pratically usless until they lose a stock. Lose a fight.
Th145Reimu Reimu Hakurei Touhou Project The optimistic and curious Shrine Maiden uses her danmaku to kick ass. She can get mad easily if offended, but she will help those in need no matter what. Reimu can use her Barrier techniques to inmovilize opponents. Win a match as Marisa Kirisame.
Wii Mote & Nunchuck Wii Your neglected controllers have risen up to the battle!  The "Mote" swings the nunchuck into foes and can screw into foes itself.  The nunchuck can control how far away the Mote can go from it, allowing for long range attacks (although if the Mote goes too far it unplugs and the Mote is just left with itself until it loses a stock).  The Mote isn't alone, as it can turn into a racket to launch foes and into a bat to hit hard.  The Wii can be summoned and fire lots of discs at alarming rates as its "Final Smash". TBA
Sona Render Sona League of Legends Sona, the maven of the strings, is ready to battle. Sona is a mute, unable to make any kind of sounds. However, she was born with a special connection with her "Etwahl", being able play tones which stilled or quivered the hearts of those around her. Sona can use this to her advantage in the battlefields, being able to not only damage her opponents, but also heal herself, increase speed, etc. just with her music. TBA
Hulk & Thor Hulk & Thor  Marvel Before the days of the MCU, these were the live action representations of Hulk & Thor. Hulk fights with brute strength, Thor uses his hammer, and they both utulize special effects that are dated by about 2000000 years. Win a match as Batman (Super Friends)
255px-NiDL Nightmare Wizard Nightmare Kirby An actual nightmare to behold!  Unleashed from the Fountain of Dreams by Kirby via accident, he's pretty thirsty for revenge.  He can trap opponents in his cloak, use dark magic, and fire tornadoes that can blow opponents off course.  However, he suffers from a really weak defense. Play a match at any point from 9 PM to 3 AM.
Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's Toy Bonnie is the redesign of the old Bonnie. His appearance makes him look girly, but if anyone mistakes him for a girl in front of him, he will probably go on a rampage and murder you. Toy Bonnie is capable of teleporting and dashing. He also lunges at opponents to either hit them with great force, or bite their frontal lobe. TBA
Sanic3d Sanic Sanic the Hegehog


Sanic is the best Sonic character ever made and is totally a masterpiece. Sanic wil use his 2fast4u abilities and make urslow and yo mama jokes to hurt opponents from afar. Sanic can dash and do a homing attack to defeat and win forever ever, get rekt.

Perform 100 KOs with Ficklepoof.
Lumoshinewsdafsdfds Lumoshi Fantendo Lumoshi is the best memer.  He attacks with Troll Faces, Illuminati, Air Horns, and can defend himself using his High Expectations Asian Father.  He can taunt by pulling his moustache.  While not very strong, he's very agile and annoying. Win 42 times, lose 42 times, have 42 KOs, be knocked out 42 times




Image Name Franchise Description
Office-scewed Office Five Nights At Freddy's The office from Five Nights at Freddy's. While there are no jumpscares, there will be times when you will hear a message from the Phone Guy, but you can turn him off in the settings menu. 
Episode 03 Class Trial Class Trial Room Dangan Ronpa A pretty standard stage. Stage hazards include Monokuma sending someone to the execution room, where they automatically loose a stock. However, you can avoid Monokuma when he takes someone to the execution room and attack him back. 
HakureiShrine Hakurei Shrine Touhou Project A basic stage, but with a few hazards. These hazards include several Touhou characters coming to visit the shrine, and attacking the fighters with unique danmaku attacks. A few other characters stay in the background, just watching the battle.
3d burger by xbluekittycatx-d3bc3az Burger Bacon Warriors A strange stage taking place in what it seems to be another dimension. The background goes from an empty black to several galactic and abstract sceneries. The burger is really big and the overall stage is similar to Final Destination from the Super Smash Bros. games.
Rogueport Rogueport Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door A large town that was once a bustling city but is now...this. You fight in the main area, but you can be teleported to other areas of the town spontaneously. Bandits will sometimes run up to you and try to rob you if you are holding an item.




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