Back to School is a horror game created by Dreams Inc. released for the Starry Skies taking inspiration from many survival horror games like Slender and Ju-On: The Grudge.


The story begins with the avatar character, who's a journalist, needing a brand new story until they receive a call from a mysterious source that tells them to meet in a specific area near the outskirts of the city. When the character arrives they find an abandoned school but no sign of the person who called them except for a note next to the gates.

"If you are the journalist who I've contacted, which you must be since no one else lives around this area, then please go inside and find me

- Anonymous Caller"

After the character finishes reading the note the metal gate shoots open, startling the character. Once the character enters the door shuts itself and locks the character in, meaning that now the character must find a way to escape while avoiding the strange ghosts lurking around the hallways and in the process they must try to find out what exactly happened to the school and why it got shut down.


The game plays in a first person perspective as you control your character with the controller and move around the hallways of the school. You're automatically given a flashlight once you enter but as you go along the game you'll need to find batteries or else it will turn off and you'll end up in the dark until finding another battery.

Instead of a singular threat, you're presented with a set of threats limited to specific areas, each one must be dealt with in a different way, meaning that the player must memorize each foe, their patterns and how they must be avoided.

In order to win you must escape the school, which can be done in many different ways, including shutting down the generator and cutting through the electric fence, collecting the keys needed and escaping out and more. These can slightly change your ending though the endings are mostly the same.

While the main goal is to escape, the player might also find side puzzles which can help them find out the true story of the school and why it got shut down, finding these can also modify your ending, depending on how much info you have about the true story, the story that you post in the newspaper will change and depending on how detailed it is changes the amount of money the newspaper company gives you.