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Back to Freddy's is a fnaf spin-off game that takes place after fnaf 3


After fazbear's fright burnt down someone named Adam Gontier decided to buy the animatronic parts and anything that survived the fire. He rebuilt fredbear and spring Bonnie as well as some other animatronics that were donated. He then called his place Freddy's Funland in hopes to attract more customers. However while he was scavenging for parts he found a broken black bunny animatronic. He called it TerrorTrap.


West hall

Doctor's office


Pirate's cove


East hall


Manager's Office


  • Fredbear
  • Spring Bonnie
  • Golden Foxy
  • Dr.Dolman the Bat
  • Ecto the Pirate fox
  • Terrortrap
  • Strongman

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