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This article is about the character Baby Yoshi. For information about the species, see Baby Yoshi (species).

Baby Yoshi

There isn't much difference between Yoshi and Baby Yoshi, besides length

Baby Yoshi is the current Yoshi as a baby. He has appeared in multiple games on the Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Most recently he has appeared in the Wii platformer Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty

Baby Yoshi appears as a playable character in the wii platformer Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty. His egg is found at the end of the Yoshi Island chapter but he does not hatch until the end of the Sarasaland chapter. He can swallow foes and shoot fireballs.

MRL Player

Baby Yoshi is a player on the Baby Brigade team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is a skillful character with average speed and strength. His special skill is to eat the ball turning it into an egg, he can then throw it all the way to the end of the field.

Super Sloppy Bros.

Baby Yoshi makes an appearance in Super Sloppy Bros., and is obtainable through a Yoshi Egg. His functions are the same as they are in Super Mario World.

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