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Baby Waluigi

Even in his childhood, Baby Waluigi cheated. Via using a returning flying Blue Spiny Shell, he could steal Coins.

Baby Waluigi is Waluigi as a baby. He has appeared as a minor character in a few games. He is very sneaky and plays tricks on Baby Wario and Baby Luigi. Though he is not a Star Child at first, he is an ally of the babies at the end of Diaper Duty DS. However, in Yoshi's Story 3, Baby Waluigi becomes a Star Child when he completes his own minigame. When Waluigi was born his first word was "Bob-omb." Then he would say things like "Wario," "bad," "Mario," and "Luigi." His parents were so shocked, and wondered how a 1 day old baby could talk. Of all the babies, Waluigi could speak the clearest. Like Baby Luigi, Baby Waluigi is 3 years old. He is Baby Wario's younger twin brother. Whenever Baby Waluigi was in danger, Baby Wario would rescue him, and is protected by Baby Wario.

Game Appearances

Baby Waluigi

Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty

Baby Waluigi appears alongside Baby Wario as a boss in the Big City level of the wii platformer Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty. After he gets defeated he runs away.

Super Baby Mario Bros.

He is also a boss with his brother Baby Wario.

MRL Player

Baby Waluigi is a player on the Baby Brigade team on the multiplayer wii sports game Mario Rugby League. He is the fastest character on his team however he is the least skillfull and the weakest. His special skill is to unleash some vines for an extended tackle.

Mario & Luigi: The Eight Orbs

Baby waluigi is a main character and boss in Mario and Luigi: The Eight Orbs.

Let's Play, a Baseball Game!!

Baby Waluigi appears in Super Mario All-Stars Baseball 

Finally, a Star Child!

In the game Yoshi's Story 3, Baby Waluigi has his own minigame, called Baby Waluigi's Dash. The story has to do with Baby Waluigi trying to complete the adventure without cheating to become a Star Child. Once the minigame is completed, Baby Waluigi becomes a Star Child.


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