Baby Phoenix
Full Name Baby Phoenix
Current Age 1
Gender Female
Location Toad Town
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Beak and claws
Vulnerable To Water
*whatever name the player chooses*
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time

The Baby Phoenix is a character who debuts in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. She is the fourth Party Member to be recruited, and is hatched from an egg found in <???>.

Her name is chosen by the player.


Physical Description

Baby Phoenix greatly resembles a small, yellow-orange bird with a tail and mane of fire.


Her Field Ability allows Mario to cross gaps that he would be unable to jump over himself.


No Rank1510
Super Rank2015
Ultra Rank2520
Omega Rank3530


NameDesc.Base Dmg.No# of HitsEffectTarget(s)Action Cmd.Flower Pts.Rank
Scratch*Scratch the foe with your talons.1 (Normal rank)
2 (Super rank)
3 (Ultra rank)4 (Omega Rank)
5 (w/ Razor Feather equipped)
1Damages foe. 50% chance to burn foe for 3 turns w/ Magic Feather equipped.Any foe.Press "A" just as Harpy lands on the foe for an extra point of damage.0Start
Downy ShieldCover Mario in a flurry of protective down.None1Raises Mario's defensive power by 1 for 1-3 turns; no# of turns depends on how many times the Action Cmd. was performed successfully. With Guardian Feather equipped, raises Mario's defensive power by 2.MarioPress "A" as each of the 3 buttons light up2Start
PeckPeck at the foe repeatedly.1 (Normal rank)
2 (Super rank)
3 (Ultra rank)
4 (Omega rank)
5 (w/ Razor Feather equipped)
2+Damages foe. Does consecutive damage as long as the Action Cmd. is used. 50% chance to burn foe for 3 turns w/ Magic Feather equipped.Any foe.Press "A" just before hitting the enemy.3Super
WhirlwindBlow away foes with a mighty whirlwind.None1Blows away foes and ends the battle. Chances of blowing away enemies increases the more the attack is charged. Some enemies (and all Bosses) cannot be blown away.All foes.Press "A" and "B" alternatively to charge up power.4Ultra
Phoenix Fury 50% chance to burn foe for 3 turns w/ Magic Feather equipped. 6Omega

* = Base damage w/out the Action Cmd. being used


Razor FeatherAn unusually sharp feather, red in color.Increases Baby Phoenix's overall attack power by 1.
Guardian FeatherAn unusually stiff feather, blue in color.The Downy Shield attack now raises Mario's defensive power by 2.
Magic FeatherA mysterious-looking feather, green in colorScratch, Peck and Phoenix Fury have a 50% chance to inflict a burn on the enemy. Burn condition lasts for 3 turns.


Baby Phoenix is very childlike, and rather naive in a sense.



  • Despite being a Phoenix, her only Fire-based attack is Phoenix Fury, and her Field Ability has nothing to do with fire.