Baby Mario: World Tour!
Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Immerse
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Open-world
Media Included Nintendo Immerse Disc

Baby Mario: World Tour! is a spinoff of the popular Mario series, made by Fantasize Studios for Nintendo Immerse. It is an open-world 3D platformer with RPG elements.


Baby Bowser is plotting a scheme in his castle with Kamek, when all of the sudden, a flash appears in the sky. Kamek explains that it is the Star Child Shower, a meteor shower that gives the Star Children more power. Baby Bowser uses this chance to attack during the Star Children's festival, and Baby Mario must rescue his friends.



  • A: Jump
  • Left Control Stick: Move
  • B: Run
  • X/Y: Special ability


Baby Mario: World Tour! plays similarly to the modern Mario titles such as 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. It is a spiritual successor to Yoshi's Island in terms of atmosphere and graphics. It features hub worlds such as Isle Delfino and Peach's Castle to enter levels, and a map of your current location on the touchscreen. You can play as multiple characters using the touchscreen as well, and power-ups return from the main game.


Name Description Special Ability
Baby Mario It's-a-me, Baby Mario! Baby Mario is the default character with an all-around focus. Ground Pound
Baby Luigi Baby Luigi is saved from Goomboss, and he'll be a big help with his hammer! He can jump high, but has slippery control. Hammer
Baby Peach After defeating Kamek for the first time, Baby Peach is ready to help the team! She's fast and has floaty jumps. Royal Scepter
Baby Daisy When you beat Mecha-Bowser in Delfino Plaza, Baby Daisy can join the team and help out. She runs really fast, but takes a while to stop. Daisy Burst
Baby Wario Upon beating Shake King, Baby Wario will join, looking for treasure! He moves slow but takes a lot of hits. Coin Magnet
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  • The original game was planned in 2012, but was reworked by Fantasize Studios for a 2013 years.