Baby King Pokey

Baby King Pokey is the younger version of King Pokey.


Pokey's Island

It is revealed in the end of Pokey's Island that King Pokey was once a young and carefree Pokey. He was a budding artist, and he was also incredibly excited to earn his Head Spike (as all young Pokeys do as a rite of passage). However, a girl he loved told him that his art was awful, turning King Pokey into the horrendous dictator he is today.

Koopa Link


Baby King Pokey is the third boss in Koopa Link, where he is seemingly affiliated with the Koopa Troop. He attacks by extending his side spikes and rotating around in an effort to attack Link. He can also summon Pokeys out of the sand to impede the hero. To defeat Baby King Pokey, Link must become Koopa Link and slam into his teeth, breaking them. Then Link must slide onto his tongue and make the young King explode into smithereens from the inside.

Since Baby King Pokey is the younger form of King Pokey from Pokey's Island, and said game takes place before the Mario Brothers entered the Mushroom Kingdom, it is unknown how Baby King Pokey is involved in the game's story. It's vaguely implied that he might be from a different timeline.

Mario & Luigi: Chicken Out

Baby King Pokey (1)

Baby King Pokey appears as the secret boss of the Arena in Mario & Luigi: Chicken Out.


  • Even though he is painted as an innocent character in Pokey's Island, Baby King Pokey looks vaguely evil.

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