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This article is about the game for the original Nintendo DS. For information about the Nintendo 3DS game, see Baby Kart 3DS.

Baby Kart DS is a Nintendo DS game developed by Fantendo and published by Nintendo. It is the seventh title created for the Baby Kart series, featuring for first time an online multiplayer mode employing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, as well as including a mission mode. It also features a map that displays the objects and characters present throughout the courses, making use of the DS' bottom screen.

Baby Kart DS has been generally well received, specially by including innovations such as the online mode. As such, Baby Kart DS has earned various awards and acknowledgments.


A total of twelve characters take part in the fifth installment of the fifteen-year series. Eight can be chosen at the beginning, but the player must win gold trophies in Grand Prix mode to unlock four bonus characters:

Starting Drivers

The eight starters are:

Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Toad

Baby Bowser

Baby Donkey Kong

Baby Yoshi

Baby Wario

Unlokable drivers

Baby Daisy

Baby Dry Bones

Baby Waluigi

Baby R.O.B.