Baby Darice is the Infant form of Prince Darice

Baby Darice
Baby daricey
infant form of Prince Darice
Full Name Baby prince Darice
Date of Birth sometime before Daisy's
Gender male
Location Sarasaland, mushroom kingdom
Current Status prince
Vulnerable To is afraid of bowser jr
First Appearance super mario universe
Latest Appearance mario kart wii:the universe expedition


He was born alongside his sister, in Sarasaland, to the king and queen of Sarasaland. He now rules Sarasaland, since his parents retired, and Daisy decided to give the throne to Darice to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. But Daisy still keeps her title as Princess, and Darice keeps his title as prince.

Physical Apperance

He bears similarities to Baby Luigi, and Baby Pete. He has exactly the same body shape as baby Luigi, similar to how his older counterpart has a similar shape to Luigi. He has the same hairstyle as his sister and the same crwon. he wears the same outfit as Pete, but in an orange fashion like his sister.

Game apperances

He will appear in Super Mario Universe alongside Pete,Peach,and Daisy at the Star, Crystal celebration.