Baby Clyde
Clyde1998 Kid
Baby Clyde's three basic appearances.
Current Age 3
Gender Male
Location Reading, United Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Ability/ies Speed
First Appearance Flame: The Lost World
Latest Appearance Flame Football

Baby Clyde is a character that will be used in the Flame Series. He is the baby form of Clyde.


Baseball Starts

Clyde will appearer as a character in Diaper Duty Baseball Resort. He is unlockable. He shares good chemistry with Yoshi, Baby MQM, Baby Yoshi and Baby Mario. His older self appearers in a cutscene.

Flame Series

Lost World

UK Tour

US Tour

Flame in the Dark

Flame Kart

Flame Football

Fantendo RPG (series)

Fantendo RPG: Dimension's Destiny

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