Baby Bros. Got The Time! - Baby Bros.'s reveal trailer.

This is the page for the fighter Baby Bros. in Super Smash Bros. Flood.

Credit to ShinyMewtwo.



Up Special: Cannonballers. Baby Mario pulls out a mini cannon above his head. The Bros. jump in. Can be angled. Has a hitbox on their feet and the explosion when the cannon fires. If you press B just before you hit an enemy, the damage doubles and meteors.

Side Special: Shells. The Bros. both pull out a Shell of their color. They can sit on it when they hold the button. Can be jumped off. It goes off ledges. The direction cannot be changed. If you hit the attack button when riding on the shell, the shell will spin around doing 1,5 times the normal damage.

Neutral Special: Coloured Peppers. The Baby Bros. eat Red, Blue or Green Peppers, depending on how long the button has been pressed, boosting their stats. If held for 1 second, they will eat Green Peppers, increasing weight and reduces damage taken. If held for 2 seconds, they will eat Blue Peppers, increasing run and air speed. Finally, if held for 3 seconds, they will eat Red Peppers, increasing damage and knockback on their moves. This will last for 15 seconds.

Down Special: Drill. Baby Luigi jumps on Baby Mario and they both Drill into the ground. You can move left and right while underground, and if you hit B again, you will pop out of the ground dealing damage. They can still be hit by moves with low hitboxes. If the move is used in the air, it functions like Corrin's Down Aerial, and spikes. When you hit the ground after that, the moves functions normally.

Final Smash: Mix Flower. The Bros. run to opposite sides of the stage, and become fiery. Their hands have fireballs. If Baby Mario's Fireballs is bigger, press A. If Luigi's Fireball is bigger, press B. After a few seconds, a massive Fireball falls from the sky and deals great damage. The damage depends on how many times you pressed the correct button.


Up Smash: Smash Egg. Baby Mario kicks an egg above him. If it hits, I keeps on going, until it falls down. If the Baby Bros. stand under the egg when it returns, you can press Up Smash again and Baby Mario will kick the same egg. After Baby Mario kicked the egg 5 times in a row, and it hit an opponent at least once, the Baby Bros. restore 5%.

Side Smash: Hammer Swing. Baby Luigi charges up his hammer for an overhead swing. This will meteor airborne foes. If it hits an opponent at 0%, it wont damage them, but stuns them, like they broke their Shield, referencing that when you enter a battle while hammering your opponent, it will stun them.

Down Smash: Flowers. Baby Mario takes a Fire Flower, and Baby Luigi takes an Ice Flower. Then Baby Mario sends a fire blast forwards and Baby Luigi sends an ice blast backwards.


Tether: No.

Pummel: Baby Luigi hits the opponent with a hammer.

Up Throw: Baby Mario puts the opponent on a trampoline.

Forward Throw: Turn in a Bros. Ball, then hits their opponent with it. Multihit, goes off-stage.

Back Throw: Spin Throw (like Mario's and Luigi's)

Down Throw: Baby Mario hold the opponent down while Baby Luigi fires Ice Balls at him.

Neutral Attacks

A-A-A: Sideways hammer strikes.

Up Tilt: Block Punch.

Side Tilt: Hammer Spin (like Ice Climber's Side-B in Brawl)

Down Tilt: Hammer Poke (like Ice Climber's Down Smash in Brawl)

Dash Attack: Spin Jump (like Mega Man's Dash Attack. Baby Luigi jumps on Baby Mario)


Up Aerial: Block Punch.

Neutral Aerial: Hammer Spin (like Ice Climber's Neutral Aerial in Brawl)

Forward Aerial: Hammer Strike (like Ice Climber's Forward Aerial in Brawl)

Back Aerial: Hammer Swing (like Ice Climber's Back Aerial in Brawl)

Down Aerial: Drill (like Corrin's Down Aerial, but less distance)


Up Taunt: The Bros. eat Yoshi Cookies. Restores 1%.

Side Taunt: The Bros. spin in the ground and pull out a bean.

Down Taunt: A few colored blocks appear above Baby Mario's head and disappear.

Idle #1: Their battle animation in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

Idle #2: Their in-battle selected animation in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

Entrance: A Time Hole appears like in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, and the Baby Bros. jump out of it. The Time Hole disappears.

Win #1: Baby Luigi puts the centre green star into the Cobalt Star Baby Mario is holding.

Win #2: Baby Mario hits a coin block and five coins come out. The Baby Bros. then cheer.

Win #3: The Baby Bros. attach Purple Badges to their overalls.

Lose: Cry like in the Yoshi games.

Victory Theme: The win theme from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

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