Baby Birdo
Baby Birdo by Doh Ver2
Baby Birdo with her red pacifier.
Full Name Baby Birdo
Current Age 3
Gender Female
First Appearance Diaper Duty 6: Baby Birdo is Born

Baby Birdo is the Baby form of Birdo. She always sucks on her red pacifier. Baby Birdo hatches from a Yoshi Egg with hot pink spots on it.

Game Appearances

Diaper Duty series

Diaper Duty 6: Baby Birdo is Born

She appears in Diaper Duty 6: Baby Birdo is Born and must be saved.

Diaper Duty Baseball Resort

Baby Birdo is a team player in Diaper Duty Baseball Resort. She comes in pink - her standard colour - and four other colours: red, blue, yellow and green.

Diaper Duty RPG

Baby Birdo appears as a minor non-playable character in Diaper Duty RPG.

Diaper Duty RPG 2

In Diaper Duty RPG 2: The Search for the Golden Pacifier, Baby Birdo appears as a major playable protagonist.

Super Baby Mario Kart

Baby Birdo appears as a playable middleweight character in Super Baby Mario Kart.


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