BIT Land is the third course that appears in Mario Kart 9th, as part of the Cherry Cup. It is based on the first world of Super Mario Bros.


The course itself is basically shaped like an Octagon, a figure with eight corners. It isn't a very long stage, but has quite some hazards. You start at the line and dive forwards. You will go up a small stairs made out of blocks and jump over the gap, while catching an item box. When you take the speed jump in the middle you can fly onto the bricks onto the pipe. Else you can take the left path with speed bars or the shorter right one.

You will enter a large pipe and go into anti-gravity. You will drive down until you are underground. You have to evade some pillars and then can take several paths. You can take the speed bar to go up the pipe and up the horizontal brick followed by a paraglide. You can go left and right where you will have to evade a pit, while grabbing item boxes, before going up the pipe again. You can also take the hidden pipe, with item boxes, on the right and drive up to halfway the next section.

The next section are some mushrooms that work like the ones from Mushroom Gorge. You can bounce on them and the paraglider will be activated. After going over all the mushrooms you will land again and enter the fourth section.

The fourth section is in a mini Bowser Castle. You first have to jump over two lava pits, catching the items boxes after the first jump. After that carefully manouver around the fire bars and then go up the ledgeless bridge until you come to the final jump in which you paraglide back to the finish while passing the flag pole.


The whole course is designed in a 3D 8-Bit style. It all are the classic textures but there is depth in it. The background is just blue with a few simple clouds. In the first section is a pipe and a few bricks with an item box before that, but those boxes hover above you. This is the same case with all the other ones. The pillar inthe underground vary in size. The pipes in which you enter and leave are designed as the pipes in which you enter and leave World 1-2 in Super Mario Bros. The bridge in the fourth section is the same as the place where you fight Bowser on, and you also will pass the axe after leaving the bridge. Some Lava Bubbles may jump out of the lava too. Further there are Goomba's and Koopa's on the background.


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