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BEAST Book is the historic book of the BEASTs where it was kept hidden in Spongebob World. This book allows to shows that the information about very rare endangered or extinct BEASTs, however, when someone knows and steals about the BEASTs' informations; there would been punishment for knowing the BEASTs' existences. Unfortunately, there are only rules that the BEASTs cannot.

Whenever someone destroys the book, it can erases all of the BEAST history including the timelines.


PR The Movie: The BEASTs' Existences

It was first appearance when Patrick (as Dr. Patrick) discovered the book of the BEASTs who hidden by the ancient BEASTs to Spongebob World only he knows about the extremely rare and extinct BEAST known as the Crimson Tyransazer and cloned the remain fossil speciemen by genetic-modification the very expensive Hotrod Bike to transform into an powerful BEAST Machines then called her Sazer-X. Successfully with using his advanced cloning technology, however, Sazer-X goes berserk because of the pirates killed the entire population by named Captain Bar Frybeard who destroys the endangered BEAST species' populations. Unfortunately for this, Bar Frybeard stoles the BEAST Book and also the Krabby Patty secret formula that could cause everyone to panic.

Cloning Project Successful

  • Crimson Tyransazer (Sazer-X) - Cloned by Patrick by genetic-modification Hotrod Bike.
  • Kumon Kai - Cloned and Mixture by Frybeard by mixing some of the BEASTs' DNA.


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