Battlefield was a unfinished game made by EA in 1999. While the game essentially used same engine as Battlefield 1942, the core gameplay was different. Not too much is know about this project. UNTIL NOW


You play as a marine, placed into a war against the koopas in the Mushroom Kingdom desert. You don't think much of it, until a very odd occurrence happens...a snow storm in the desert... Naturally, you find this quite odd. You grab your friend's Tommy gun, and check out the enemy's outpost, as you stopped receiving howitzer fire about 5 hours ago. You also bring your flashlight, as the absence of enemy fire means that, even with your limited knowledge of the enemy's technology, you know the fog lights brightening the damp outpost no longer need to linger on. So you travel to the enemy's outpost, only to discover all of Bowser's cavalry dead. A small side of your mind is filled to the brim with joy, as you shall go home (so you think). The other filled with fear, as you wonder what brought such a fate to these helpless souls. But as you think, you hear a faint chant. You load your gun, and follow the noise only to find an undead officer, about to feast on what looks like a bucket filled with a muscle tissue-like goo. It spots you, and lets out a blood curdling screech. As you begin to aim, you let out a sigh, a tell yourself, "I'm not getting enough retirement funds for this, am I?".


  • Thomas "Rags" Farnsworth.

Thomas was born around 1890, so he participated in World War 1. His experience in combat matched that of no one else. In 1923, he participated in a time travel experiment. It sent him to the 1980's, during the Toad-Koopa Rebellion. He is the character you play as.

  • King Bowser of Lavaland

Over 200 years old, Bowser waits to die, so his son can take over. He is somehow infected.


Multiplayer was extremely primitive, and lacked content when it was released. But through months of development, the Online Functionality Update was released, and playability was increased. Multiplayer had 3 game modes, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Co-Operations.

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