Training construct by gazette ruki

Training Construct is a stage created by Exotoro (tbc) for B.O.K.O as a basic template stage. It is entirely flat and features no distractions whatsoever, allowing players to focus on training their characters. It is pre-installed with the engine. It is the home stage of Kung Fu Man.


Training Construct is made of blue hexagons that fill up an entire room. The background of the room features darker, smaller blue hexagons, where as the walls and ceiling are light blue hexagons that have glowing crevices.


Stage Tracks
# Song Title Artist Length
1 Street Fighter V / 5 - Training Stage Capcom 8:36
2 Super Street Fighter IV - Training Stage Capcom 2:21
3 Super Smash Bros. - Training Mode Nintendo 2:32


  • This was the first stage to be created for the game.

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