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Tf2 smash logo
The Heavy Weapons Guy
Series Team Fortress 2
First Appearance Team Fortress 2 (October 9th, 2007)
Finisher ÜberCharged

The Heavy is a downloadable character for B.O.K.O created by AngryLittleYoshi. He's a Russian mercenary who packs a punch - often quite literally - and his arsenal filled with miniguns, shotguns, and foods that can heal him. Keep him close to a Medic and watch the blood splatter.



Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKOFists of Fury
Equips the Killing Gloves of Boxing before performing a right hook [which deals 4% damage], a left hook [which deals 5% damage], and then finishing with an uppercut [which deals 6% damage]. Can be combined with many of his other attacks.

SideAttackBOKOHigh Noon

UpAttackBokoTarget Practice
Shoots his shotgun three times in an arc, with each shot dealing 3% damage.
DownAttackBokoGet Together
Equips the Holiday Punch and then crouches. He does a leg sweep followed by putting his left fist around an opponent's feet, causing them to trip and take 4% damage from the sweep and no damage from the fist.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOKill Them All
Pulls out his trusty minigun and begins firing rapidly, with each hit dealing 4% damage.
SideSpecialBOKOBull Charge
UpSpecialBokoTake That! AND THIS!
Equips the Gloves of Running Urgently and first hits with a low reaching uppercut and then jumps and hits with a powerful uppercut.
DownSpecialBokoLunch Time




  • Up Taunt: Heavy beats his chest similar to a gorilla.
  • Side Taunt:
  • Down Taunt: Heavy does a variety of different poses involving his arms. This is known as the Proletariat Posedown.

Victory Poses

  • Holds Sasha [his minigun] up and says "We make good team."
  • Says "Killing you is full time job now" while pointing at the loser(s).

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