Shovel Knight
Shovel knight render by mrthatkidalex24-d9al7vt
Spade-Wielding Warrior
Series Shovel Knight
First Appearance Shovel Knight (June 26, 2014)
Finisher Catch Her!

Shovel Knight is a playable character in B.O.K.O, being the 22nd character introduced, and the second created by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc). Based around the heroic main protagonist of the titular Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight is a heavy character with lots of defense and power to make up for his slow speed and terrible jump skills.


In Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight, alongside partner-in-battle Shield Knight, are two travelers who protect their country from danger. When Shield Knight disappears and their former partners and allies form The Knight's Order of No Quarter under a new villain, Shovel Knight must travel across the land on his own, defeating each member of the a Order of No Quarter to final confront the Enchantress and rescue Shield Knight.

Shovel Knight also briefly appears a few times in the first free DLC of the game, Plague of Shadows, where he takes the place of Plague Knight (who is playable in PoS) as a boss in both the Explodatorium and the last stretch of the back-to-back Order of No Quarter fight, both times in which Shovel Knight supposedly "defeats" Plague Knight after the latter defeats him.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Shovel Strike

Shovel Knight swings his shovel, dealing 6%. Can be charged to deal double that amount and increase knockback.

Dust Knuckles

Pulls out a dust knuckle and punches, dealing 7% damage and having Shovel Knight charge forward quickly if it lands.

Throwing Anchor

Throws a purple anchor in an arc, dealing 14% damage.

Pile Dig

Dirt spawns in front of Shovel Knight, allowing him to dig at it, tossing rocks around that deal 2%, and occasionally coming up with a health item or a mole that runs around, hitting opponents.

Special Moves

Name Info

Flare Wand

Shovel Knight fires a single fireball from his Flare Wand which moves straight in the air, not disappearing until it hits a wall or character, and dealing 7% damage.

Mobile Gear

Shovel Knight throws the Mobile Gear, which charges forward, hitting opponents for 8% damage.

Propellor Dagger

Shovel Knight charges upward with his propellor dagger. Direction can be changed with the move controls, and deals 6% damage.

Phase Locket

Shovel Knight turns invincible for 5 seconds, protecting him from all attacks and allowing him to still deal damage. Has a 30 second cool-off.


Name Info

War Horn

Shoel Knight uses his War Horn, creating a large circular sound wave around him and dealing 40% damage to those caught in it.


Name Info

Catch Her!

Shield Knight falls from the other side of the stage. If Shovel Knight catches her, a huge wave of energy will be released, dealing 60% damage and large knock back. If not caught, nothing happens. Characters can still attempt to prevent Shovel Knight from being able to reach Shield Knight.


  • Up Taunt - Holds up a large pink gem, as a noise plays.
  • Side Taunt - Holds his shovel outwards.
  • Down Taunt - Drinks an Ichor.

Victory Poses

  • Plants his shovel in the ground and folds his arms.
  • Is shown fishing in a small pond, reeling out a Troupple fish.
  • Makes the same victory pose as completing a level in Shovel Knight.

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