Segata Sanshiro
SSBE Segata
SSBE Sega Saturan Icon
You must play Sega Saturn!
Series Sega
First Appearance Sega Saturn Ad (1997)
Finisher Sega Saturn, Shiro!

Segata Sanshiro is a characted created by .vectorDestiny (tbc) for B.O.K.O based upon the Sega Saturn mascot. A man who dedicated his life to video games and who seeks to protect Sega and make everyone play the Sega Saturn. A man with immense power, able to perform abilities that no normal man has ever managed to perform before.


Segata Sanshiro is a man who wanders the world with a gigantic Sega Saturn on his back, training by furiously hitting his equally gigantic Saturn controller. He wanders the streets of his homeland, finding kids who don't play Sega Saturn to give one to them and optionally beat them up. Segata is also a part-time soccer manager and goalkeeper, having a key role in the 1998 FIFA World Cup by providing his home country it's first title in the match thanks to a great substitution at the end of the finals and managing to stop an opponent penalty by lifting the entire goal net. He also plays baseball, mastering Fu Man Chu's most famous baseball technique, the Football, which the player kicks the ball instead of hitting with the bat. He also participated in the Olympics and became the first man to win the ice skating competition barefoot.

Sanshiro was last seen protecting the Sega HQ from a missile sent by Nintendo to stop Sega from producing the Dreamcast. Sanshiro deflected the missile and redirected it to space. He was thought to be missing after all these years but returned and still with the same goal in mind: making people play the Sega Saturn.


Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKOFootball Hits a baseball with his feet. Serves as a projectile and melee attack.
SideAttackBOKOJudo Throw A weaker version of his trademark judo throw. He moves forward and grabs the opponent throwing them to the ground.
UpAttackBokoHome Run An aerial version of Football. Can be aimed upwards or downwards.
DownAttackBokoSegata Sanshiro x10 Summons tiny versions of himself that proceeds to pile up on the opponent.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOSubsitution Throws a Japanese soccer player towards the opponents.
SideSpecialBOKOSuper Judo Throw A stronger and faster version of Judo Throw, which if performed correctly, the opponent will explode on impact. It leaves Sanshiro open to attack if it falls though.
UpSpecialBokoNintendon't Flies high in the air with a missile. The missile explodes after a while or upon contact with the stage or the enemy.
DownSpecialBokoMine Throw Segata judo throws the opponent into a land mine, although this attack is faster than the other judo throws, it is much weaker.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKOSega Saturn, Shiro! Segata notices that the opponent isn't playing a Sega Saturn and proceeds to beat them to a pulp, after this he drops his gigantic Sega Saturn on them while saying his famous line.


Name Info
FatalityBOKOShin Judo Throw Segata summons 100 mini copies of himself, that proceeds to judo throw the opponent, passing the opponent to the next mini version, until the opponent gets to Sanshiro, whom judo throws the opponent so hard that they explode. Thrice.


  • Side Taunt - Holds a Sega Saturn in the direction he is facing.
  • Down Taunt - Puts his gigantic Sega Saturn controller down and mashes it to no end.

Victory Poses

  • Holds a Sega Saturn and says his famous line.
  • Plays around with Sakura from Sakura Wars.
  • Holds his arms up, like he does in his commercial and in the picture above.

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