Thing for pab
SSB Transfomers
The Most Interesting Bot In The World
Series Transformers
First Appearance Transformers toyline (???, 1993)
Finisher Racemaster Combination

Rapido is the twenty-fourth downloadable character in B.O.K.O and was created by PabloDePablo (tbc). His portrayl in B.O.K.O is based on various versions of the character throughout Transformers media, like the Wings Universe and United EX comics. Rapido is a fast character with balanced options, but his large stature and low defense make him an easy target.


Is he Rapido Depressa, protoformed in Spain and destined to fight against a Forestonite-fueled Decepticon uprising? Is he Racemaster, a young Autobot designed as a Power Core Combiner? Or is he just Rapido, the humble commander of the Axelators? Regardless of his origin, Rapido is a bot of sauve intrigue and tactical prowess. He outranks Optimus Prime, even. Seriously! Go look it up!


Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKORapid Kick Does a quick roundhouse kick, dealing 3% - 5% damage.
SideAttackBOKOEureka Moment Snaps his fingers, having come up with yet another flawless plan. Deals 4% - 5% damage with low knockback, with a very tricky sweetspot on his hand that can deal 6% - 7%.
UpAttackBokoRapid Spin Jumps into the air, doing a spinning kick. Deals 4% - 6% damage.
DownAttackBokoFist of The Axelator. Punches towards the ground, dealing 5% - 7% damage and pushing enemies to the sides.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKORapid Axelator Cannon Shoots off a quick blast from his chromed Axelator gun, doing about 3% - 4% damage. Hold down the button to keep firing.
SideSpecialBOKOTransform and Roll Out Transforms into his vehicle mode, rushing across the stage. Anyone in his way receives 6% - 8% damage.
UpSpecialBokoRapid Blaze Does an uppercut with his fist covered in an aura of BURNING JUSTICE. Deals 6% - 7% damage.
DownSpecialBokoRapid Wheeler Does an axe kick with the tire in his heel spinning fast. Deals 7% - 8% damage over multiple hits.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKORacemaster Combination Transforms into Prime Mode and connects to his four limb drones. Racemaster Rapido is even bigger than before, and all his attacks gain fire-based attributes. After 12 seconds, all the drones detach and race off-stage, often knocking out damaged fighters on their way out.


Name Info
FatalityBOKOAxelators, Fire!! Rapido calls in his Axelator teammates and they bring out their engine-based weaponry to fire upon the helpless opponent. Their converged blasts result in an explosion that knocks the opponent out of bounds as Rapido poses.


  • Up Taunt - Does a quick "come here" gesture, his visor and windows shining.
  • Side Taunt - Poses with his arms splayed out, Cybertronian circuitry blinking inside his chest-headlights.
  • Down Taunt - Stands with his back to the camera, his wheels spinning.

Victory Poses

  • Smugly crosses his arms, his translucent parts gleaming.
  • Points off-screen like he's issuing commands.
  • Transforms into a car and drives around, followed by his Racemaster drones.


  • None available.

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