Queen Sectonia
SSB Kirby Series
The Elegant Queen
Series Kirby
First Appearance Kirby Triple Deluxe (2014)
Finisher Crown Jewel

Queen Sectonia is the 31st downloadable character made for B.O.K.O by Plazzap (tbc). Queen Sectonia focuses on pure domination over the battle, making sure there is no escape from her clutches with the ability to teleport, summon underlings and utilize long ranged rapier swings. Long live the queen!


The elegant queen of Floraria, obsessed with beauty she has changed her appearance so many times she cannot even remember her true forme, her delusions of grandeur have corrupted her into a queen only feared by the people of the sky.


Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOGuilded Ring With the flick of a wrist, Queen Sectonia summons a golden ring tilted with it's edges facing the screen before throwing it upwards offscreen. After three seconds have passed the ring comes crashing down, dealing decent damage on contact and bursting into a small golden explosion.

Before throwing, the controls can be angled left or right to cause the ring to land further infront/behind from where Sectonia hovers. Overall, these rings can be used to force the opponent away from areas they may find advantageous and limit thier space.

SideSpecialBOKO Dark Lightning As opposed to the last move, Queen Sectonia's rapiers are replaced with her magic scepters as she attacks the area below her directly as opposed to indirectly, with a powerful conical strike of dark lighting. Alike with the last move, the move can be angled for the cone of lighting to strike an area further before/behind Sectonia.

This is Queen Sectonia's most powerful move in terms of damage, but its long startup lag confiscates for it's sheer power, so it's best used when the opponent is cornered .

UpSpecialBokoDelusions of Grandeur With no startup whatsoever Queen Sectonia teleports, leaving only a faint violet silhouette behind her, the exact whereabouts of her reappearance are determined by what direction is held afterwards and how hard the input was pressed.

Additionally before reappearing the input can quickly be pressed again for Queen Sectonia to leave another silhouette behind her and teleport again, juking her opponents out.Another option Queen Sectonia has access to is the fact that if a move is inputted before teleporting, Sectonia will use that move upon reappearance. However, if any of these two options are added onto the teleport, the end lag of Sectonia's reappearance will be dramatically increased.

DownSpecialBokoAntr Summon Queen Sectonia's rapiers become replaced by scepters as she raises one scepter up gloriously, as a small portal appears before her, after the portal has appeared Sectonia is free to do as she pleases before an Antr is summoned one second later. Antrs act as minions that patrol the small area infront of them, they can be defeated by both opponents attacks and exclusively Queen Sectonia's special attacks, each of them can swing thier clubs and shoot elemental orbs to attack.

Initially, only the most powerful Red Antr will be summoned and Queen Sectonia cannot have another Antr on the battlefield until that one is defeated, but if the input is held Queen Sectonia can instead summon two lesser Green Antrs and four weakest Blue Antrs. The player must be wise on how they manage thier Antrs, weather they want to focus on power in one area or covering the entire battlefield in lesser underlings, and if the Antr choice is a mistake Queen Sectonia can always rid of Antrs with a non-rapier attack.

Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKORapier Combo Queen Sectonia executes a swift swing of her rapier in a wide arc before her, following up with an identical swipe form the other rapier and finally a greater cross slash by both rapiers, each performed with the press of the input. This move attacks a wide space before her majestsy and is good for pressuring opponents into tight spaces.
SideAttackBOKORapier Pinpoint With a bit of startup, Queen Sectonia stabs a rapier forth dealing good damage to the opponent it makes contact with. This is a great move for attackign opponents who are pressured by various other things.
UpAttackBokoRapier Cross Queen Sectonia holds both raipers above her head in an X formation before doing an upwards slash with both of them. Only hits opponents in the air but is great at doing such.
DownAttackBokoCrystal Breaker As her rapiers transform into scepters, Queen Sectonia holds them above her head and crashes them down infront of her, dealing great knockback onto the opponent. This is the best "kill move" in her masjesty's arsenal and it's predicatable startup lag can be mixed up with Illusions of Grandeur.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKOCrown Jewel The screen pauses as Queen Sectonia faces backwards and laughs as she creates a giant pink diamond behind her, then any opponents and Antrs before her are thrown onto the platform. Any opponents caught on this platform will be forced to battle eachother and any Antrs for five seconds, all before Sectonia smashes the crystal and sends all players crashing back onto the battlefield, taking huge knockback when they contact the ground.


Name Info
FatalityBOKODreamstalk A giant flower appears in the stage's background before blooming, Queen Sectonia then goes into the flower and becomes it, finishing the player off with a giant laser.


  • Side Taunt- Queen Sectonia's rapiers vanish as she laughs with her palms upwards.
  • Up Taunt- Queen Sectonia flaps her menacingly while laughing.
  • Down Taunt- Queen Sectonia turns away and in vain admires herself in a pink crystal mirror.

Victory Poses

  • Queen Sectonia appears alongside her minion Taranza,.
  • Queen Sectonia is seen looking in the Dimension Mirror, before facing away form the mirror as Dark Meta Knight appears within the mirror when she's not looking.
  • Queen Sectonia slams the hilt of a scepter into the ground, as if she has dominated.

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