SSB Pokémon Classic
The Bulb Pokémon
Series Pokémon
First Appearance Pokémon Black and White
Finisher Solar Beam

Petilil is a downloadable character for B.O.K.O and was created by Poisonshot (tbc). She is one of the many Petilil captured for Smash Run, a minigame in Super Smash Bros 4. She managed to differenciate herself, however. Her playstyle is rather passive, but she can be frustrating to fight.


Petilil is one of the many Petilil who were captured to serve as enemies in Smash Run. As a Mii Fighter was jumping towards it in order to knock her out, Petilil attacked with Sleep Powder and was successful. But something strange happened. The Pokémon approached the Mii’s head and used a draining attack on it. When the Mii woke up, he had lost any will to win. Petilil then began participating in many battle competitions, doing the same thing to her victims...


Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKORound Makes sound waves, doing 3% damage, with low knock-back.
SideAttackBOKOCut Slashes forwards with her leaves, dealing 4% damage, with average knock-back.
UpAttackBokoBide Shakes, then jumps up, dealing 3% damage with average knock-back. Gets stronger if hit in the shaking phase. Immune to low and average knock-back during this attack.
DownAttackBokoFacade Jumps, then slams the ground with her head. Deals 9% damage and decent knock-back, but takes 1% recoil damage.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOSleep Powder Releases powder forwards. Puts enemies touched by the attack to sleep for 2 seconds.
SideSpecialBOKOMagical Leaf Spins, and then shoots 4 leaves forwards, each dealing 3% damage with low knock-back.
UpSpecialBokoNature Power Gets covered by green light, then gets shoots upwards, dealing 2% damage.
DownSpecialBokoRecover Looks up at the sky while waving limbs, recovering half of her current damage percentage.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKOSolar Beam Gets covered by a beam from the sky, then shoots a large light beam, dealing a total of 75% damage to foes touched.


Name Info
FatalityBOKODream Eater Uses Sleep Powder, then approaches the foe’s face. Pink orb come out of the foe’s face as her damage percentage lowers. The victim doesn't wakes up.


  • Up Taunt - Waves her “arms”.
  • Side Taunt - Closes her eyes in a happy way and does a little dance.
  • Down Taunt - Sits, then looks around calmly.

Victory Poses

  • Spins around with a joyful expression.
  • Begins dancing like a ballerina.
  • Rubs her face, then spins before standing still, with her eyes closed in a happy way.


  • When selecting Petilil, unselecting her and then selecting her again will turn her into a Shiny Petilil. This has no effect on gameplay, however.

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