Th135 Palace of the Earth Spirits

Palace of the Earth Spirits is a stage created by Ziegs (tbc) for B.O.K.O, originating from the 11th installment of the Touhou Project, Subterranean Animism. It is an underground mansion, located in the Underworld near the Former Capital of Gensokyo's Former Hell.


The stage moves every so often, but not as a side-scroller, but rather, it moves forwards into the background. As the stage moves, fairies and other enemies found in the Touhou games start to appear from the darkness, shooting danmaku bullets every so often, acting as obstacles of the stage. The stage consists of an eternally looping mansion corridor, with pink mist and shining windows on the floor. A window might open on rare occassions, acting as a pitin which players can die due to being out of bounds. Some windows, however, can have lava inside of them after opening, burning players who fall in it instead.


Stage Tracks
# Song Title Artist Length
1 Heartfelt Fancy ZUN 4:43
2 Heartfelt Fancy (Rock Arrange) Demetori 6:30
3 Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye ZUN 4:17
4 Hartmann's Youkai Girl ZUN 4:56
5 Last Remote ZUN 6:26
6 Hartmann's Youkai Girl (ULiL) Kishida 7:14

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