Neku Sakuraba
Proxy of the Composer
Series The World Ends With You
First Appearance The World Ends With You (August 22, 2007)
Finisher Eden's Door

Neku Sakuraba is a projectile-based character created for B.O.K.O by Monstermanchego (tbc). He is a dour teenager who fights nearly exclusively with "Psychs" - psychic attacks that he can use by combining his collection of pins with his overabundance of imagination.


Neku woke up in Shibuya's Scramble Crossing with no memory save for his name and a pocket full of mysterious pins. He was attacked by frog-like monsters, and in the process met Shiki Misaki. It was from her that he learned the specifics of his situation - that he had died and was participating in Reaper's Game, which promised revival to those who could survive seven life-threatening missions spanning the whole of Shibuya...


Standard Attacks

Name Info
Mr Mew Mincer
Summons Shiki to attack with three swift slashing attacks using her cat plush, Mr Mew. Each slash does 2% damage.
Summons Beat to knock the enemy skywards with a skateboard combo that does 7%.
Holy Lance
Summons Joshua to call down a pillar of ethereal light that does 5% damage and knocks airborne enemies downwards.
Player Pin
Reads the enemy's mind to evade and counter an attack with a psychic pulse.

Special Moves

Name Info
Shock Warning
Charges up, then releases a swarm of weak slashing attacks ending in a powerful finisher. The more the attack is charged for, the more slashes Neku will perform.
Takes a moment to charge up and fire a psychic bullet that splits into smaller shots on contact with a surface or enemy. The big shot deals 4% damage, while each smaller shot does 2%.
Rises upwards while performing a psychic slashing attack, dealing ~5% damage to enemies struck.
Live Slow, Die Fast
"Catches" nearby enemies and items and hurls them away. Damage is based on the weight of what's thrown.


Name Info
Eden's Door
Summons five glowing pins which circle his body and erect a mysterious aura. This aura, which lasts for ten seconds, halves damage and boosts general performance.


Name Info
Psych Choke
Lifts his opponent up by the throat using psychokinetic ability, suffocating them, before tossing their limp corpse aside.


  • Up Taunt - Closes his eyes, places one hand against his headphones and the other in his pocket, and taps his foot to the beat of his music.
  • Side Taunt - Tosses his Player Pin into the air and deftly catches it.
  • Down Taunt - Spins around in midair using levitation.

Victory Poses

  • Dashes towards the screen at high speed.
  • Turns away from the camera and vanishes in a swirl of television static.
  • Reluctantly poses for a selfie with Shiki, Joshua, Beat, and Rhyme.


  • In reference to the psychic nature of the abilities in The World Ends With You, nearly all of Neku's attacks are considered energy-based projectiles, making him nearly completely useless against enemies that can Reflect or Absorb.
  • His Fatality, Psych Choke, is based off of an event from very early on in The World Ends With You where Neku uses his Psychokinesis pin to nearly choke his partner, Shiki, to death.

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