Mettaton's Last Show is a stage created for B.O.K.O by .vectorDestiny (tbc) originating from Undertale. The stage is composed of a single platform on the center, which starts out flat until Mettaton appears, from which he proceeds to make the stage start rising. Mettaton serves as an occasional stage hazard, asking quiz questions and attacking in his EX form.


The stage starts out with a really simple look composed of black and white and starting off being a very flat stage. Once Mettaton shows up, only the center portion of the stage starts rising, to which the stage starts shifting colors gradually. Mettaton in his normal form only asks quiz questions and on his EX forms attacks by utilizing mini-Mettatons that hits the opponents with heart-shaped attacks, by summoning bombs that explodes in all four directions after they are hit many times and even his own legs/arms. Mettaton's stage hazard can be turned off, although Mettaton will appear nonetheless to make the stage rise.

Mettaton's Questions

Mettaton's quizzes will appear on the stage in the form of four rectangles to which the player can interact with to choose their answer to the question. Answering right awards the player with a random buff and answering wrong gives the player a debuff. Suggestions for more questions are welcome.

Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer 4
Would you smooch a ghost? Heck Yes. No. It's impossible. I'm afraid of ghosts.
Is Voltdozz dead? It's dead. Let it go. It's definetely dead. It is mostly dead. Voltdozz lives forever.
Is Pineapple on Pizza acceptable? No. No. No. Yes.


Stage Tracks
# Song Title Artist Length
1 Undertale - Death by Glamour (~Dual Mix~) Toby Fox 2:24
2 Undertale - Power of "NEO" (IKARUS Remix) Toby Fox / BlastProcessed 4:43
3 Cucumber Quest - Noisemaster Toby Fox 8:44
4 Undertale - Dummy! Toby Fox 2:24