SSB Undertale Symbol
Series Undertale
First Appearance Undertale (2015)
Finisher Mettaton NEO

Mettaton is the 38th downloadable character made for B.O.K.O by Plazzap (tbc).


A sentient robot that contains a soul and dreams of being the greatest star of the world above, Mettaton is a glamorous, fabulous and attention seeking robot indeed. Usually Mettaton hosts quiz shows in his bulkier forme, but in combat he uses his new body made for dancing and combat. His playstyle is strange, while Mettaton does have good speed and defense his power is lacking as he can't deal good direct damage, but his Heart to Heart attack is an exception; an attack that leaves Mettaton open for interruption but if successful unleashes an off-wave of projectiles that are almost impossible to dodge and guarantee good damage. With moves that affect everyone on the battlefield Mettaton is definitely a character who seeks attention.


Special Moves

Name Info
Heart to Heart
After some chargeup that leaves Mettaton massively vulnerable, he unleashes a massive unavoidable off-wave of projectiles that deals some heavy damage. This move makes Mettaton the center of attention at all times, making opponents very aware of Mettaton's actions. To prevent it from being spammed however, the move's staling will go down very noticeably faster than any move in the game, and the only way to unstable it is for Mettaton to interact with opponents or opponents to interact with Mettaton or his traps.
Mini Mettaton
A minion resembling Mettaton's normal forme appears from the top of the screen with an umbrella, shooting hearts at opponents. It doesnt take much but if destroyed Heart to Heart will be unstaled a good amount.
Pose Counter
Mettaton pauses a moment before striking a pose, if he takes damage before this he will abosrb the damage and deliver it back with twice the power as he poses. In midair the pose will also boost Mettaton upwards a good distance.
Flash Bomb
Mettaton places a bomb, like Mini Mettaton this unstales Heart to Heart even more if destroyed, if destroyed however it won't be on purpose as it naturally explodes when hit.

Standard Attacks

Name Info
Mike Jab
Mettaton does three jabs with a mike, a fast direct attack although weak.
Heel Out
Metton's slow but most likely to K.O. move, a fabulous outward kick that has alot of startup lag but delivers high knockback
Flip Kick
Mettaton does a fliping kick with high priority but low damage, a quick "get off of me" attack.
Star Split
Mettaton does the splits outwards, delaing high damage but leaving himself vulnerable.


Name Info
High Ratings
A ratings meter appears as Mettaton is given time to attack his opponents, if he sucsessfully raises the ratings to a high point, crowds will cheer and foes will receive high knockback.


Name Info
FatalityBOKOMettaton NEO Mettaton assumes his NEO forme and blasts the opponent away with a beam of light.

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