Metroplex is a downloadable stage created by PabloDePablo (tbc) for B.O.K.O as the home stage of Rapido. It is a medium-large asymmetrical stage with a few hazards, although a hazardless version is also available for download for use in more competitive gameplay.


Metroplex is a fairly large stage, with two main structures connected by a fairly simple bridge section. To the left is a massive ramp heading towards the screen - because B.O.K.O is a 2D fighting game, it is represented by letting players jump onto it at any part of it, but not having the capacity to move up or down it. The bridge is just flat terrain with two platforms over it, and to the right is an elevator, allowing players to reach a "perch" area.

In the default version, Micromasters occasionally go up the ramp, hurting anyone who stands on it, and Seekers will sometimes fly overhead, firing a blast at the bridge. The simultaneously released "competitive edition" removes these hazards.


Stage Tracks
# Song Title Artist Length
1 Transformers: The Movie - Autobot/Decepticon Battle Vince DiCola 4:18
2 Transformers: The Movie - Escape Vince DiCola 4:47
3 Human After All - Robot Rock Daft Punk 4:48


  • None available.

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