King K. Rool
King k rool transparent by zesiul-d8s67fc
SSB Donkey Kong Symbol
The Kremling King
Series Donkey Kong
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country (November 21, 1994)
Finisher King Krusha K. Rool

King K. Rool is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong series, and was created by .snickedge (tbc) as the (currently) sixth character. He is a unique heavyweight that is surprisingly agile and has access to various types of weapons and abilities, including a blunderbuss that can shoot cannonballs and create shockwaves with his high jumps.


King K. Rool's motives weren't really explained, but he and the Kremling Krew came to Donkey Kong's self-titular island to steal the ape's Banana Hoard, sealing Diddy Kong in a barrel as they ran off. It was this that sparked the rivalry between the ape and King K. Rool, and following each defeat he suffered from the Kongs he would try something new, such as becoming a pirate and kidnapping Donkey Kong, or becoming a scientist and eventually taking away Diddy Kong, which often called for new heroes.


Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKOKrown Toss King K. Rool quickly swings his crown forward like a boomerang, dealing 7% to those in its way.
SideAttackBOKOShockwave Launch Does a quick leap and slams straight into the ground with his fists, sending forth a harmful shockwave that deals 6%, but the slam deals 9%.
UpAttackBokoKrown Krush Jabs straight upward with his crown, dealing 9% and launching foes.  The crown temporarily flies off his head before going back down on him, and during the ascent the crown deals 5%.
DownAttackBokoPower Punch King K. Rool holds an arm back and quickly thrusts his arm across the ground, damaging foes on ground and launching them for 10%.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOBlunderbuss Fires a Kannonball that shoots quickly across the stage, dealing 13% and good knockback.  During cooldown, can suck nearby opponents to K. Rool.
SideSpecialBOKOElectricity Blast Flies up into the air, going left or right while firing electricity blasts from his remote, which home towards players and damage them for 15%.
UpSpecialBokoQuake Stomp King K. Rool jumps very high into the air before slamming straight down, forming a quake that trips over foes and deals 18% to those nearby.
DownSpecialBokoKannonball Rain Summons a cannonball from the ceiling in a manner similar to Pikachu's "Thunder", damaging a player for 14%.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKOKing Krusha K. Rool Transforms into his gigantic, boxer alter ego, having a great surge of power that allows K. Rool to deal more damage and can do an even better job punishing uncareful players.


Name Info
FatalityBOKOKannonball Assault King K. Rool stomps the ground, making cannonballs rain from everywhere and deal massive damage to players around, being a near unavoidable attack.


  • Up Taunt - Poses with his fist high into the air.
  • Side Taunt - Temporarily dons his Kaptain ego, firing his Blunderbuss upwards.
  • Down Taunt - Temporarily dons his Baron ego, shocking himself by accident.

Victory Poses

  • Kruelly laughs and beats on his chest.
  • Krops the screen so that it focuses on him, posing.
  • Krushes the losing player(s) down.


  • None available.

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