50 blessings
Do You Know What Time It Is?
Series Hotline Miami
First Appearance Hotline Miami
Finisher Hotline Swing

Jacket is a downloadable character for B.O.K.O and was created by Crunch (tbc). A deadly serial killer from Miami, Jacket is a silent and deadly fighter known for wearing animal masks during his fights and for talking through a tape recorder.


Although Jacket is the last one to brag – he doesn’t speak at all – his achievements in the criminal underworld are widely known. Allegedly, he once wiped out the entire Russian mafia in Miami all on his own. His background in the military and his unflinching attitude towards over-the-top violence has made him an excellent hitman – or “messenger” as some like to call it. For unknown reasons he remains completely mute and chooses to communicate only with the help of a tape recorder – playing back bits and pieces of language learning tapes, PAs and documentary narrations instead of speaking.


Standard Attacks

Name Info


Take a Stab

Jacket lunges forward with a knife,deals 5-8% damage
SideAttackBOKOChicken Knee Jacket attempts to grab his opponent,should he succed he will knee them thrice and throw thme to the ground. deals 5% damage on each knee and 10% on the throw


Chicken Kick

Does a high kick that knocks the opponent onto the ground. Does 3% - 5% damage, so mostly just useful for starting combos.



Stomps down hard,can be done up to 5 times in a row and deals 9% damage each stomp,can only be done on opponents knocked to the ground.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOJacket's Piece Fires off his modified MAC-11,it deals 5% damage on each pellet but is highly inaccurate.


Batter Up

Takes a swing with his bat,knocking his opponent to the ground, Does 9%



Jacket takes out a bottle of pills and swallows a couple,healing himself 3% up to 10% damage.



Can only be done on opponents knocked onto the ground. Jacket kneels down and hits them repeatedly in the face with his bat,dealing 30% damage in total.


Name Info


Hotline Swing

Jacket runs towards his opponent,shooting them repeatedly with multiple guns and finishing it off with a swing to the head with his bat


Name Info


Do You Like Hurting Other People?

Similar to the Hotline Swing except with Hotline Miami esque background visuals and multiple bat swings. a cleaver is thrown into the opponent's body off-screen,presumably by Biker.


  • Up Taunt - takes out a cigarette and smokes it,he will continue to smoke it until you press up again or he is hit.
  • Side Taunt - Takes out a tape recorder and plays a random line
  • Down Taunt - leans on his bat

Victory Poses

  • Changes the victory screen entirely to a Hotline Miami Mission Complete screen giving a fake score depending on how much damage you did to yout opponrny and showing off random masks you "unlocked" during the fight.


  • If you use the Biker Alt his bat will be replaced with a cleaver and his Fatality will have a bat be thrown instead of a cleaver.

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