Game Grumps
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Hey, I'm Grump!
I'm Not So Grump!
Series Game Grumps
First Appearance Game Grumps (July 10, 2012)
Finisher Big Zam, Motherf***ers!!

Game Grumps are a pair of joke characters created for B.O.K.O by Monstermanchego (tbc). These internet comedians fight with reference upon tasteless reference in order to triumph in battle.


In 2012, Newgrounds animator Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and comedian/critic Jonathan "JonTron" Jafari, having been good friends for some time, somehow managed to convince themselves that making a collaborative Let's Play channel was a good idea. The result was Game Grumps - a fusion of comedy, song, gaming, unbridled rage, and sheer ineptitude potent enough to win them over three billion subscribers.


Standard Attacks

Name Info
Defeated is the Monster
Arin and Jon attack alongside Michael IV, Bill, Langley, and Big Bill, dealing anywhere between 7% and 11% damage if all six attacks manage to hit. However, due to the differences in their hitboxes, this is rare.
Arin somersaults forwards cumbersomely, dealing 4% damage to anyone in his way. By jumping at the end, one can maintain the move's momentum to make horizontal movement much easier.
Ten Point Jump
Summons a diving board from the heavens. Enemies struck by the diving board will take 10% damage. And once it's down, you can jump on it for a boost, too.
Jon clears his throat with enough force to push away nearby enemies and deal low damage.

Special Moves

Name Info
Grappling Goof
Arin fires a grappling hook forwards. Rather than pulling enemies towards the Grumps, however, it pulls the Grumps towards them. Does no damage, but can be used for both shield-breaking and tether recovery.
They're All Dead
Jon hurls dead Pokemon from his backpack, with varying effects depending on the Pokemon. For example, Torchic will deal fire damage, Shroomish will inflict a status ailment, Makuhita will make a noise that can only be described as Jeff Bridges doing an impression of Antonio Banderas, and Beedrill will actually be alive and use Twinneedle on the enemy.
A pair of lime-green wings sprout from Jon's backpack and flap wildly, damaging nearby enemies while lifting him and Arin upwards.
Do Something, Barry!
Arin summons their show's editor, Barry Kramer, to knock enemies and projectiles away from the Grumps with his signature yellow text and deal low damage. Will very rarely summon Kevin Abernathy, who has less reach but deals more damage, or Larry, who instantly K.O.s enemies struck.


Name Info
Big Zam, Motherf***er!!
Fellow Game Grump Leigh Daniel "Danny Sexbang" Avidan drops onto the battlefield with Big Zam. Big Zam doesn't have any attacks aside from kicking in the direction it's facing and can't turn around to kick in the other direction, but every step it takes knocks enemies off their feet!


Name Info
It's No F***ing Use!!
Arin goes into an insane and gleeful rage and starts brutally throwing his opponent around with psychokinesis while screaming "It's no use!!" and "Arin wins, Silver wins, Sonic wins!!" Behind him, Jon watches in horror.


  • Up Taunt - Temporarily transform into Persona 4 characters while a nightcore rendition of Baracuda's Where Is The Love plays.
  • Side Taunt - The two put on shades and Arin begins beatboxing while Jon raps poorly.
  • Down Taunt - Temporarily changes their expressions to the "Grep" face.

Victory Poses

  • Strike a Double Dragon style pose.
  • Arrive outside a Seven-Eleven with Frank, Bill, Langley, and Big Bill.
  • Are zoned out on a sofa playing video games with braindead expressions on their faces for five seconds.


  • All of the Game Grumps' abilities are based off of episodes or series from their YouTube show.

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