SSB Kirby Series
Squeak Leader
Series Kirby
First Appearance Kirby: Squeak Squad (November 2, 2006)
Finisher Dark Daroach

Daroach is a playable character in B.O.K.O, the fifth character created for the game, and the first one created by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc). Daroach is a character originating from the 2006 Kirby series DS game, Kirby: Squeak Squad, only having a major appearance in two games in the entire series. In B.O.K.O, Daroach is an agile character who mostly revolves around using his diverse arsenal of tools to fight.


Daroach was first introduced as the secondary villain of Kirby: Squeak Squad, in which he is the leader of the thieving rodent troop known as the Squeak Squad. In the game, he and his fellow Squeak Squad members steal a Strawberry Shortcake from Kirby, who chases Daroach and co. around Dream Land to retrieve it. Finally, after Kirby defeats Meta Knight in a fight for the treasure chest, Daroach comes in and steals it, opening it right away. Unbeknownst to the rodent, the chest contained Dark Nebula, the ruler of the underworld, who possessed the leader. Kirby chased him to Gamble Galaxy, defeating his new Dark Daroach form, as well as Dark Nebula. Daroach apologizes to Kirby for the trouble, even giving him his birthday cake back.

Daroach returns in Kirby: Mass Attack with a relatively minor role as a helper to Kirby: here, he gives Kirby tips and hints on how to get to all of the Medals in the game, as well as introduce his fellow Squeak Squad members to the puffball.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Animal Claw

Daroach takes out a paw, claw extended and pounces, dealing 6-9% damage.

Squeak Thief

Daroach slashes directly forward, slashing opponents as he goes and dealing 8% damage.

Teleporting Rod Slash

Daroach raises his rod, aiming it towards the sky, before shooting in the direction he aims. He can also slash opponents with it while midair, dealing 10%.


Daroach attempts to grab an opponent: succeeding will take damage away from the opponent and heal Daroach.

Special Moves

Name Info

Triple Star Shot

Daroach fires a single, bouncing star from his rod, dealing 9% damage. He can charge it for a long time to fire three stars instead of one.

Ice Beam

Daroach shoots a thin, icy laser that deals low damage but freezes opponents on contact.


Daroach teleports upwards; the direction can be changed by hitting the controls for the move, then inputting the direction you want to go in.

Flare Bomb

Daroach drops a small bomb, which explodes into small flames, dealing 16% damage.


Name Info

Omega Ice Beam

Daroach charges, before firing a huge version of his Ice Beam, dealing about 47% damage if done completely.


Name Info

Dark Daroach

Dark Nebula appears and corrupts Daroach, turning him into Dark Daroach. In this form, Daroach is quicker, stronger, doesn't flinch, and his attacks are greatly boosted. The form lasts about 8 seconds.


  • Up Taunt - Twirls his Star Rod absentmindedly.
  • Side Taunt - Tosses a coin in the air before catching it in his hat.
  • Down Taunt - Scratches his ear quickly.

Victory Poses

  • Heaves a treasure chest on his back, looking victorious.
  • Teleports in and poses with his star rod.
  • Poses dramatically with Spinni, Storo, Doc, and two Squeaks.

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