SSB FantendoSmashBros
Goes with the Flow
Series Fantendo Smash Bros.
First Appearance Fantendo Strike Force (2015)
Finisher Flowverdrive

Beck is a downloadable character for B.O.K.O and was created by Apihedron (tbc). With his Flow providing quick speed and mobility, Beck's overall style focuses on getting on the offense and staying there.


Beck is a young man with the power to manipulate Flow. With Flow energy, Beck becomes much faster and can move in ways that are normally impossible. A wanderer with a sense of adventure, Beck will take on any challenge in his way.


Beck's gameplay is focused around rushdown and high-damage combos. By damaging his opponents, his Flow Meter will increase. When full, Beck can cancel any action into neutral with his Neutral Special. To counteract his powerful offense, his defense is poor.

Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackBOKOTriple Strike A three hit combo. The first attack is a simple jab, followed by another jab with the opposite hand, and then a roundhouse kick.
SideAttackBOKOSlipstream Beck slides forward along the ground, foot-first.
UpAttackBokoFlip Upper A grounded flip kick that bumps up the opponent.
DownAttackBokoSweeper A sweeping kick that can trip opponents.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialBOKOCrash Knuckle/Flow Cancel Beck short-hops forward, smashing his fist into the opponent as he descends. Can shield break, but is easy to interrupt.
If Beck presses the special button during an attack, he will return to a neutral state while time slows down. Depletes the Flow Meter
SideSpecialBOKOAccelerush Beck dashes forward, elbow first. If he hits the opponent, he comes to a dead stop quickly, allowing a combo to continue.
UpSpecialBokoCloudbreaker Kick Beck performs an upward kick, rising into the air. It will sweep opponents upward as well, if timed right. This move is good for leading into an air combo with well-timed Flow Cancels.
DownSpecialBokoAxe Buster If used on the ground, Beck lifts his leg, then brings it down onto the opponent. If used in the air, Beck will descend on the opponent with an axe kick. Good for surprising a ground-borne opponent.


Name Info
FinalSmashBOKOFlowverdrive Beck's signature ability. Beck powers up, causing him to become quicker. For the duration of this buff, Beck can Flow Cancel without limits.


Name Info
FatalityBOKOFlow Blitz Beck rushes into the opponent, then begins a brutal and high-speed combo, consisting of many hits and Beck dashing around and through the opponent. Ends with Beck uppercutting the opponent to space.


  • Up Taunt - Stretches his leg out, then his arms above his head before cracking his fingers, which pulse with Flow when he does so. On the end, Beck says, "I'm ready."
  • Side Taunt - Puts one hand in his pocket, the other behind his head, closes his eyes and lies back in the air.
  • Down Taunt -Breakdances using Flow before ending on the classic lying-down pose.

Win Poses

  • Beck rushes forward, then flips kicks, posing when he lands.
  • Beck gives a sort of two-fingered salute before back-flipping off-screen.
  • Beck uses Flow and leans as if he's leaning against a wall.


  • Beck's Flow Cancel is inspired bu Guilty Gear's Roman Cancels.

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