The gangster who before part of Bowser's Koopa Troop but in New Super Mario Bros. 3DS, they join Geno as the trio of the evil henchmen.

The Members.


Big "Blue" Boo.

Unlike you see in this image, Big "Blue" Boo is more blue then white. He is the leader and the strongest member of the Team. He is calm and mostly silent for a leader, and is the largest of the team. You need to throw back the Koopa Shell that he threw these, but he also throw Boos instand after the 2nd hit. He takes five hits which is hard to deal with for those who doesn't know them. No matter how many time he got hits, he breath ghostly fires. He is the last to fight with.

Boom Ka-Boom

The strongest of all Boom-Boom, and is very large. (But is the smallest of the team.) He takes three hit like a normal Boom-Boom but he is big so you need to jump high and after the 2nd hit, he goes on rampage and breath fires, but it can be easily avoided and ignored, as he breaths at random direction. He can breath up to 5 Fireballs at a single direction, and 15 overall. He is the second to fight with. He is somewhat noisy. Other than his size, he is similar to a regular Boom-Boom. When compared to Bowser, they have the same size.


A female Birdo, a real female Birdo, and the only female the gang too. She maybe the first to deal with, however she is as hard as Boom Ka-Boom, through she is bigger than him. There no need to jump on her...As her head is as hard as metal, and only Bowser can damage her with a Ground Pound. Other than that, you need to throw her eggs back, but watch out for her giant fireballs. Her tactic is similar to a red Birdo form Super Mario Bros. USA. (As she is a Red Birdo that is.) She is even taller than Bowser. She takes 3 hits and after the 2nd hit, she tend to make her own Ground Pound to stun, or when the player is under Birdia, hurt the players.



  • All of their names starts with the letter B, and explain the name of B.B.B. Team.

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