Azul Arana
Azul Arana
Azul's Appearnace
Full Name Azul Belle Arana
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Pyrachnioid
Align Lawful-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Fire Breath

Poison Spit


Height 6.204m
Weight 886kg
Sexuality Heterosexual
 Azul Arana is a female Pyrachnioid and is known as the Blue Weaver due to the distinct colouration of her webs. She has the largest nest for a Pyrachnioid known. She is married to Fudo Arana, her Pyrachnioid mate.


Significantly larger than her partner, Azul towers over Fudo by a good metre and a half. Like all Pyrachnioids she has a bright-red exoskeleton as well as 8 limbs. She also has four yellow eyes and large mandibles. Notably her mandibles have a curve to them likely indicating that she has bitten something hard when she was young. Her six arms have three claws while her two feet have two claws. She wears a shirt with six long sleeves for each of her arms as well as a pair of Bluish Jeans. Her shirt has a cross pattern on it which was created by her mother as a symbol of her clan. She has long Cyan hair with the three-pronged Pyrachnioidian tuft on the end.


Azul is definitely the dominant one between her and Fudo, as she is more likely to greet strangers and engage in conversation. She like most Pyrachnioids (due to their usual isolation) doesn't quite understand modern technology and is often easily fascinated by the various devices. She also likes to tease Fudo by stating lies aobut her partner which often gets them both into trouble. She seems completely aware of the recent decline in the Pyrachnioid species' population after the Dendefreeze fever wiped several galaxies of their species however she is very resistant to reproducing as she cares deeply for Fudo who is unaware that reproducing will kill him.


Azul like all Pyrachnioids has three distinct abilities. The first is her ability to breathe fire hence the first half of the species name, as a female Pyrachnioid, her fire breath is incredibly hot, capable of melting rock and metal alike, however it is fired in a jet and is more effective as a destructive weapon than a lethal weapon. Azul also has the ability to spit poison which is so potent that it can paralyze her prey. Lastly like all Pyrachnioids, Azul is able to spit a web out of her mouth from the web sac located in her mid-section. As Female Pyrachnioids are the only ones able to create the Web Nests she has a more controlled webbing although it is overall weaker meaning that aside from creating webs and pinning prey to surfaces its fairly ineffective at blinding or physically hurting prey.


  • Azul has learnt nontuple close combat (nine limbed) in which she uses her hair when intertwined with Fudo's web as a ninth limb effectively allowing her to trick her enemies into just how many times she can attack in one movement
  • Azul is predominantly blue with some red, the opposite is true for Fudo who is predominantly red with some blue
  • Although it is no surprise, Azul can easily carry Fudo, in fact he is light enough that she can carry him in one arm and fight with her other five
  • Azul secretly despises her mother as her mother pressures Azul to reproduce
  • Azul can actually swim, a technique few Pyrachnioids can perform and even fewer can do well, Azul is not one of those few who can swim well however


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