Ayumi (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Famicom Tantei Club
Official Debut Famicom Tantei Club: The Missing Heir
Availability DLC
Final Smash Yoko's Haunt
Ayumi Tachibana is the first DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and the sole fighter from the Famicom Tantei Club or alternatively Famicom Detective Club.


As a defensive character, she needs to rely on her evidence gathering. She does with her Down Special and buying time to use this with defensive tactics. She can pick 1 of 4 available evidence items, a pen, magnifying glass, mirror shard, and a vase. The mirror shard is stronger than the pen, but weaker than the vase. The magnifying glass is quick and weak. The vase is heavy, hits the hardest , and is the rarest one. The pen does less damage than the mirror shard and passes through foes. Her lightweight build enforces this defensive nature. With three items of evidence gathered, she gets a temporary strength buff to better deal with foes. This goes away when Ayumi tosses away evidence.

Special Attacks
Neutral Special Show Evidence Ayumi throws one bit of evidence at the foe. The evidence thrown determines damage and damage type
Side Special Flashlight Stuns the foe, though it deals no damage
Up Special Umbrella Gust opens her umbrella and she flies foward and up. The umbrella does no damage.
Down Special Pickup Evidence Picks up evidence a button press. Holds up to 3 items
Final Smash Yoko's Haunt

Ground Attacks

Jab: she uses a glove to slap a foe. Boosted variant does slighty more damage and knockback

Side Tilt: She tosses a rock.

Up Tilt: She lifts up and slaps the opponent

Down Tilt: Holds out her foot. Does minor damage, boosted variant add a chance of tripping.

Side Smash: Horizontally swings a briefcase.

Up Smash: Jumps up and punches

Down Smash: Open briefcase and tools flyout both sides

Dash Attack: Flails arms similar to Luigi

Get up: Rises and sweeps with her umbrella

Air Attacks

Neutral: Slaps an opponent with closed umbrella

Forward Air: Tosses a rock

Back Air: Sends out a back fist

Down Air: Spins an open umbrella.

Up Air:  Opens her umbrella aand closes it.


Pummel: Uses her umbrella's handle to hit her opponent

Forward: Pushes her foe with a two handed palm stike

Back: Elbows the foe sending the foe backwards

Down: Drops her briefcase, sending the opponent forward.

Up: Lifts open the briefcase, the foe flies up.


Crawl: No

Wall Cling/Jump: No

Tethering: No

Special Animations:

Up Taunt: Holds up a photo

Side Taunt: Pulls out a dead phone, pushes buttons, and tosses it away.

Down Taunt: Looks at the ground with a magnifying glass.

Victory Animation: Looks at the camera, then puts up two fingers in a "V"

Victory Animation 2: Holds a photo close to her and says "Yoko, I did it."

Victory Animation 3: Secures her briefcase and says "This case is closed."

Special Team Victory (Phoenix Wright): Phoenix Wright scratches his head in relief amd shakes hands with Ayumi.

Trophy info


Ayumi Tachibana is a timid, young girl who happens to be a detective. From her early days as a teenager in a detective club, to an assistant in the Utsugi Detective Agency, she never ceases her detective passions. She fights using her detective tools, her gloves, and Yoko Kojima's ghost. Utilize the tools to your advantage. Solve that case, Ayumi.

Ayumi (Alt):

Ayumi Tachibana needs three items of evidence so gathering them brings out her inner strength which slightly buffs her strength enough to be capable of reliable offense. The buff can be regained if Ayumi loses evidence thrown. Regardless, Ayumi needs to be defensive.

Yoko's Haunt:

After Ayumi gets struck once in a small time frame, Yoko Kojima's ghost will arise to scare the sorry soul who attacked her friend. With a shriek, the ghost deals lots of damage and launches the foe up and away. Poor Ayumi cannot move because of her fear of her dead friend's ghost. Yoko willl not hang around once her shrieking is done so capture some unfortunate foes in one go. Don't worry, Ayumi's protected by Yoko throughout this short moment.

Alt costumes/Palettes

Alternate Costumes
Default White Her typical school outfit. A generic one.
Palette Red Her uniform becomes red and her tie is white
Palette Green Her uniform turns green and her tie is light blue
Palette Blue Her uniform turns blue and her tie is pink
Palette Yellow Her uniform turns Yellow and her tie is brown.
Palette Brown Her uniform turns Brown and her tie is red.
Alt Yellow Shows up in her outfit as shown when Ayumi gets her job in the detective agency
Palette Pink Her Alt outfit turned Pink
Palette Blue Her Alt outfit turned Dark Blue
Palette Grey Her Alt outfit turned Grey
Palette Black Her Alt outfit turned Black
Palette Orange Her Alt outfit turned Dark Orange
X-over Blue Cosplays as Lyra, from HeartGold and SoulSilver versions of Pokemon. Doesn't have Lyra's hat.

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against her in his Final Smash is Ayumi's briefcase and the mirror shard evidence she carries around
  • Kirby gains her hair and her evidence throw which Kirby picks up evidence and tosses it as Kirby's copy ability.
  • Her victory theme is the title theme to her debut game.


  • According to the director, Ayumi Tachibana was selected as a gift towards the Japanese audience and a few Western fans who wanted the Famicom Detective games localized.
  • This is the first Smash appearance of Ayumi since Super Smash Bros. Melee as a trophy.

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